Fractional resurfacing is a new, advanced way to resurface the skin on a microscopic level. Dr. Korman is able to target damaged skin cells and treat them with lasers, while leaving undamaged cells untouched. The results of fractional resurfacing can be comparable to the pixels in a photograph. Patients of Mountain View who have tried fractional resurfacing love that there is no recovery time and that skin is brighter after the treatment.

This is an amazing option for any Mountain View patients who simply want to resurface their skin to reveal new, healthy skin or to help remove age spots, acne scarring, wrinkles, or melasma. Because it targets such fine areas, Dr. Korman is able to use intensive energy lasers with the risk and recovery time of low energy lasers. This allows patients to flaunt their rejuvenated skin almost immediately.

Mountain View patients cannot believe the incredible results of fractional resurfacing that includes smooth, vibrant skin. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Korman to discuss your candidacy with fractional resurfacing, call our Mountain View office today.