The angry, sad, stressed appearance that is created by drooping eyebrows causes many women and men to feel self-conscious. These brow line wrinkles can be improved with a brow lift, as the brows are restored to their original position.

Dr. Korman’s patients love the happy, youthful expression that appears after this procedure, as their forehead is no longer covered with deep furrows. For further information on the brow lift and your candidacy, schedule a consultation at our Mountain View, Carmel, or San Jose facility.

What is a Brow Lift?

Though it may be often overlooked, a person’s brow is a key part of how they appear to others. When the upper part of the face sags, furrows, or becomes loose, it can impact the entire face and increase the visible effects of age and gravity. That’s why many patients elect to get a brow lift; this surgical procedure can alter the look of the entire face and make individuals look dramatically younger and more energetic. Dr. Joshua Korman is an expert in the field of cosmetic surgery, and can assist patients in the learning about brow lifts and other procedures for cosmetic enhancement.

Brow lifts have the ultimate effect of creating a more aesthetically ideal upper facial region.

Brow lifts can reposition the entire forehead to sit in a more optimal position in relation to the person’s other facial features; it gives them a significantly more pleasant, accessible, and alert look; and it reverses the detrimental impacts that aging can have on the face, which can often make people feel insecure in their appearance.

Reasons to Consider a Brow Lift

The results of gravity and time can make the forehead, brows, and eyelids fall and make people appear weary, sleepy, and irritable, not to mention years older. Here are several common issues patients encounter that a brow lift can fix:

  • Sagging forehead
  • Profound creases in the forehead and between the brows (frown lines)
  • Lowered eyebrows
  • Drooping eyelids
  • Heavy skin hanging low over the eyes

Types of Brow Lift

There are several different techniques that Dr. Korman may consider using depending on each patient’s particular cosmetic issues.

During the initial consultation patients have the opportunity to discuss the various techniques and become educated about what might be the right route for them. The surgical route will be based on the patient’s skin natural elasticity and the amount of sagging and drooping occurring in the eyelids, eyebrows, and forehead as a result of age, as well as the face’s existing composition, hairline, and other innate aesthetic elements.

Open Approach

Dr. Korman begins this by making an incision along the hairline, behind it or along the natural scalp structure, and then he will lift the forehead skin to remove the excess tissue. The muscles will be repositioned with the eyebrows to create a smooth, youthful forehead. Any excess skin will now be trimmed before the tiny inconspicuous sutures are used to close the incision.

Endoscopic Approach

Dr. Korman begins this with several small incisions within the scalp and then inserting an endoscopic tool to assess where excess tissue needs to be removed. Another tool will then be inserted to remove fat, and muscle beneath the forehead and eyebrows. Temporary sutures are usually placed to hold the new position of the eyebrows and forehead skin that is newly restored.

To best decide which option would be more beneficial to your forehead and brows, schedule a consultation with Dr. Korman at one of his three offices today. Our knowledgeable, experienced staff are eager to help you on this journey of refreshing your appearance.

Candidates for Brow Lift Surgery

Good candidates for this procedure will have issues with slumped forehead, brow, and eyelid skin that creates an unappealing appearance and facial expression. In addition, many patients who have had blepharoplasty (upper eyelid lifts) feel residual hooding over their eyebrows. These are patients who would definitely benefit from brow lifts. Patients should also be in good health overall, and have optimistic yet realistic objectives when it comes to the results of their desired surgery. Note that smoking carries additional risks for patients seeking to undergo any surgical procedure. Dr. Korman will discuss patients’ medical conditions and prescription medications during the first appointment to determine whether any of these factors may impact candidacy for the operation.


A consultation visit with Dr. Josh Korman is essential to launching patients’ process toward getting a brow lift surgery.

During the appointment Dr. Korman will evaluate every individual’s health and aesthetic circumstances to determine how to proceed.

This includes answering any questions prospective patients may have, addressing their concerns, discussing specifics like brow lift approach and cost, and going over the procedure’s projected outcome.

Before Surgery

Before undergoing brow lift surgery it is essential that patients take the following steps:

  • Quit smoking for at least four weeks prior to the surgery date.
  • Eliminate anti-inflammatory medicines (aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.) as these thin the blood and may increase the risk of excessive bleeding while on the operating table.
  • Stop or alter any medications and supplements deemed risky by Dr. Korman, and fill prescriptions made for the post-op healing period.
  • Make plans for recovery in advance, including scheduling lots of time for rest, stocking up on supplies, and having a friend or family member provide a ride home and initial care.

Brow Lift Surgery Procedure

Dr. Korman will administer anesthesia before making the first incision to make sure patients are comfortable and pain-free during the length of the surgery. This usually involves a local anesthetic as well as a method for sedating the individual. He will then follow the steps of the procedure outlined with patients during the consultation and planning phase, remove an appropriate amount of excess tissue and skin, and suture the incisions.

What to Expect Following a Brow Lift?

Dr. Korman will bandage the incision site for the first couple days following your brow lift. Some patients experience swelling or numbness immediately following their brow lift; however, this usually dissipates quickly. Some patients have headaches after this procedure; this can be controlled with prescribed pain medication. Normal activity can resume in about 2 weeks, but strenuous activities should be avoided for longer. If you have more questions about the recovery process of a brow lift, contact one of our facilities today.


Results will begin to become apparent as the post-op swelling and bruising begin to heal and fade. The outcome and longevity of a brow lift relies heavily on the specific situation. Factors that will dictate what a patient’s new face will look like and for how long include: which surgical approach was taken by the surgeon, skin condition and elasticity, genetics, and how severe the existing cosmetic issue was before the operation. The natural aging process cannot be fully countered cosmetic procedures, surgical or otherwise. Generally, the effects of a brow lift can last from five to ten years.

Other Procedure Options

  • Facelift: Sculpts and reshapes the lower features of the face to lift and tighten skin, plump up sunken or hollow cheeks, and remove lines, creases and wrinkles to make the whole face look younger and more vibrant.
  • Blepharoplasty: This procedure focuses on the eyelids, lifting droopy eyelids and removing excess skin that sits in a heavy “hood” over the eye and creates the impression of exhaustion and advanced age.
  • Botox: Botox and dermal fillers may be injected into the brow or other parts of the face to provide a similar effect of firm, younger-looking skin and flesh on the face. This is also an optional replacement for the brow lift surgery, depending on the patient’s individual facial structure, problem areas and specific cosmetic issues, and desired results from whichever procedure they choose.
  • All the above choices can be discussed in detail with Dr. Korman during the first visit to determine which option – or series of options – is the best to address the aesthetic concerns and sources of self-consciousness plaguing the patient.

    What is the Cost of a Brow Lift?

    The cost of a brow lift is dependent on the chosen approach and necessary work required to reach your cosmetic goal. Dr. Korman offers patient financing. All of this can be discussed at your initial consultation.

    The brow lift has the amazing ability to remove the stressed, angry expression that resides on your face due to aging, genetics and gravity.

    Dr. Korman’s Mountain View, Carmel, and San Jose patients love the refreshed, happy appearance they wear after their brow lifts, and you can see why in the incredible before and after photos of these patients.