Men who have undergone an extreme weight loss may be experiencing the unwanted appearance of sagging skin on their abdomen, buttocks, thighs or arms. This can make all of the hard work done to lose weight and achieve a more muscular, slim figure seem worthless, as flabby skin covers the results. The body lift is a procedure that can lift and tighten the whole body to create a contoured appearance. Not all patients are the ideal candidates for this procedure; however, Dr. Korman would be able to discuss the possibility of a body lift at a consultation. Contact his Mountain View office to review this procedure and discuss your candidacy for a body lift.

What is a Body Lift?

This procedure will vary depending on the work necessary and the cosmetic goal you would like to reach. A body lift usually begins with a circumferential incision so that Dr. Korman can remove the excess skin and fat on the body. The tissue will then be repositioned to match the shape of the rejuvenated body. It is extremely common that liposuction is done in conjunction with this procedure, to remove excess fat. To learn the full extent of a body lift, contact Dr. Korman’s Mountain View practice to schedule an appointment where all questions can be addressed.

What to Expect Following a Body Lift?

Following the body lift, bandages will be placed, and tubes are often inserted for any excess drainage that occurs. It often takes Dr. Korman’s patients up to 1 years to experience the full results of the body lift procedure; however, they do begin to show immediately or shortly after the procedure. This is an extreme procedure for men looking to take the final step in their weight loss by contouring their body. For all information involving the recovery of a body lift, setup a consultation with Dr. Korman at his Mountain View facility.

What is the Cost of a Body Lift in Mountain View, California?

The cost of a body lift procedure is dependent on the extent of surgery necessary and if liposuction or any other procedures are done in conjunction. Dr. Korman would love a chance to meet with you to assess a price for the amount of surgery required to achieve your ideal body. Patient financing is an option for body lift patients at our Mountain View practice.