We all age and our appearances along with us, but the urge to remain young and healthy increases. Although wrinkles are a common development in humans, they can leave an individual looking aged despite the vitality and energy they feel on the inside. With modern cosmetic treatments such as Radiesse, there is a simple, convenient treatment that can give you a rejuvenated, refreshed appearance that truly reflects who you are on the inside.

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About Radiesse

Radiesse is a single-step injectable treatment that enhances facial features and diminishes the appearance of aging. It is a filler for wrinkles that plumps up the depressions and sunken areas of the skin. The natural characteristics of the active ingredients in Radiesse also help the body to promote the production of collagen, a vital building-block to youthful skin. Radiesse uses a water-based gel and microspheres of calcium that decrease wrinkles and creases in the face. Radiesse can also be used to treat wrinkles and aging of the hands and is often the method of choice. Radiesse has immediate effects and can last multiple years.

Radiesse® injections are performed on millions around the world and offer individuals a convenient and instantaneous treatment for facial aging symptoms. The results of a single treatment can last more than a year or more. For even longer-term results, many patients choose regularly scheduled, annual maintenance injections. Thousands come away thrilled with the results and love the reduced appearance of skin folds and wrinkles that were adding years on to their appearance. In addition, this is a non-toxic, non-allergen injectable.

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What Does Radiesse Treat?

Our clients may be surprised at the various options of treatment that Radiesse can fulfill. Radiesse can be used to treat the following:

    Marionette Lines

    These lines can affect on your expressions, as these lines run down the corners of your mouth. If left untreated, can deepen creases and make you look unhappy or sad

    Smile Lines

    These lines typically form around the eyes and the sides of the mouth. These lines can give you a noticeable, aged smile; Corners of the mouth lines – these lines are typically shown below the mouth as you age and can deepen the marionette lines. They give a frowning or angry look to the patient.

    Chin Wrinkles

    These wrinkles form with time as a horizontal line that appears as an upside-down smile and a crease on the chin area.

    Sunken Temples

    Temples that lack volume can show some of the most visible signs of aging as these effects can sink down to the cheeks. Restoring sunken temples can implement a more youthful, full appearance.

    Pre Jowl Folds

    These wrinkles appear on the sides of the chin, which can give an aging appearance around the jawbone

    Back of the Hands

    These wrinkles can bring an aging image to your hands, which are sensitive and prone to wrinkles.

Fortunately, our medical staff is fully capable and eager to deter the aging process with our leading Radiesse practice, which can restore lost skin volume and encourage self-collagen production, ensuring a younger and more radiant look.

Why Choose Radiesse?

Patients would benefit from Radiesse because of the natural stimulus that it provides.

Radiesse is a revolutionary and visionary approach to skin restoration. With FDA approval, this natural and effective method provides easy and convenient cosmetic treatments, minimal recovery time, and results that can last longer than any competing methods. It encourages the natural development and creation of collagen and restores it back into the skin, all with immediate and safe results.

Radiesse is an ideal treatment for many symptoms of facial aging because aging is typically a result of lost skin elasticity. When the skin loses elasticity, it also loses volume and degrades in appearance. Elasticity measures your skin’s natural ability to bounce back, resist the force of gravity and retain a fuller, perkier appearance. Aging and chronic overexposure to the sun break down your skin’s elasticity, weakening its ability to retain a youthful, lifted presentation. This is the cause of sunken areas, sharper features and deepening creases on the face. By directly addressing lost volume, Radiesse injections are taking the symptoms of aging head on and restoring your face to it’s youthful glory.

Radiesse vs. Other Dermal Fillers

Patients often have questions regarding other Dermal Fillers. We are happy to assist our patients with an educated and objective outlook on how Radiesse competes with other dermal fillers. We want our patients to be informed and to choose with confidence. However, Radiesse remains one of the most in demand and recommended dermal fillers, because it truly is ahead of the competition.

For starters, the longevity of Radiesse is second to none. On average, other dermal fillers usually need to be done every six months, where Radiesse last a year. Patients are often pleased with the durability and long-lasting effects of Radiesse and undergo the again process a year later. What makes Radiesse unique is the calcium-based microspheres, which naturally stimulate the growth of collagen. Please contact one of our California offices to schedule a consultation, and we will be happy to discuss your options.

Radiesse vs. Botox

Radiesse and Botox both share the same goals of anti-aging, but have different approaches to anti-aging and rejuvenation. Botox serves as a neuromodulator that essentially affects the muscles and stops their contractions. This means that the skin above those contracted muscles does not fold, making it harder to form fine lines and wrinkles. Botox may be ideal for symptoms such as crow’s feet, forehead lines, and frown lines.

For those patients who need treatment for deeper wrinkles, Radiesse may be an ideal option since its natural operations can address deeper wrinkles such as marionette lines, among others. The Radiesse solution fills in the wrinkles and deep creases, providing a temporary but long-lasting, younger, and reinvigorated look.

Despite their differences in delivery and effect, Radiesse and Botox can be performed in the same session to maximize desired results.

Achieving a More Youthful Appearance

Our offices are happy to schedule a consultation with our patients, so that you may be comfortable with your options and be assured that you are in good hands with Dr. Korman and our expert nurse injectors; including Nurse Nicolle and Nurse Hana. During your consultation, we will examine the areas you are concerned with and are seeking treatment for. We will examine severe wrinkles, creases, lost elasticity in the lax facial skin.

Once we examine and determine that you are a good candidate for Radiesse treatment, we will tailor a special treatment plan for your own goals. We can even perform the treatment on the same day if you would like.

The Injection Process

Radiesse injections can be performed on the same visit as the consultation. We understand that needles aren’t exactly ideal so we are pleased to offer cannula injections (small hollow tubes that cause less pain that needle injections) at your request, we can also provide topical numbing cream, cold compresses and anti bruising medication. We are at your service through the entire experience and our aim is to provide patients with a comfortable experience and fantastic results.

Once the gel is injected, the patient’s skin will immediately plump and show results by reducing wrinkles and creases. We pride ourselves on providing a comfortable, calm, professional environment while performing your treatment at an elite level, leaving a natural and effortless look that will leave you satisfied.


Unlike surgeries and other cosmetic procedures, patients who have received Radiesse treatments shouldn’t expect much major recovery. However, we do recommend that the patient stays out of sunlight and rest for the remainder of the day. Some common side effects that may occur are slight bruising or swelling in the areas of injection, but these are reduced with our method of injection and before and after recommendations. We are here to assist you in the recovery process, to ensure maximum satisfaction.

Contact our office if you have any questions or concerns about your recovery. We are happy to assist you.


Our patients raved about the natural looking, and immediate results that their Radiesse treatment provides for their short-term and long-term goals. Contact our office today, so that we may help you rewind the hands of time and learn more about Radiesse treatment and how it compares to other injections and surgeries.


Prices for Radiesse treatment vary on the amount needed. At your consultation, we will evaluate and recommend the amount to be injected and provide you with a comprehensive plan including costs. We look forward to seeing you soon!