Are you striving to obtain your ideal body, but stubborn fat keeps holding you back from achieving an etched six-pack or defined jawline? Dr. Korman offers a simple, minimally-invasive solution to your desired outcome: SmartLipo®!

SmartLipo® or SmartLiposuction® is a form of liposuction that uses laser technology to enhance your results. Laser-assisted lipo, or LAL, helps to reduce trauma to surrounding tissues and reduce your recovery period. LAL can be used all over the body to help you achieve your ideal aesthetic! Dr. Joshua Korman is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has been recognized as an excellent doctor. He has been teaching about plastic and reconstructive surgery at Stanford University for twenty-six years and takes pride in his work. He is passionate about providing his patients with excellent results and strives to provide healthy, safe techniques for which he performs procedures.

If you are interested in this amazing, efficient procedure, contact Dr. Korman at his Mountain View practice to schedule a consultation.

What is SmartLipo®?

This quick, effective form of liposuction uses a laser to liquefy the fat on the top layers of skin. Dr. Korman is able to perform SmartLipo® on the hips, thighs, arms, buttocks, abdomen or face, revealing a toned, manly body. While the laser is being used to liquefy the fat, a small tube will be placed in the incision to remove excess oil and liquid.

Men commonly receive SmartLipo® on their thighs, stomach, back, and face. These areas are known to collect fat that is difficult to remove.

Fortunately, SmartLipo® can easily reduce fat stores to help define muscles and enhance your overall appearance.

SmartLipo® Thighs

This procedure will leave your thighs more visibly toned and defined. If you struggle with excess fat that just won’t budge, a SmartLipo® treatment will help sculpt your legs to help you achieve masculine, muscular thighs.

SmartLipo® Stomach

One of the most common areas treated is the abdomen. Dr. Korman will help decrease fat stores quickly with little downtime. SmartLipo® techniques help reduce fat and help to define the underlying muscles. You can enhance your appearance and better reveal your natural muscle definition.

SmartLipo® Back Fat

If you are self-conscious of back rolls or are missing the defined back of your youth, SmartLipo® can help restore your appearance. SmartLipo® will simply remove excess fat and help to show off your back muscles.

SmartLipo® Face

Cheek fat removal surgery can be successfully performed with SmartLipo®. This liposuction technique will remove unnecessary fat from your cheeks and improve the quality of your skin. Sometimes referred to as “chubby cheek surgery,” removing fat with liposuction will contour your face and help you gain a youthful appearance. You can easily achieve a chiseled appearance with SmartLipo®.

Not only will you reduce exercise-resistant fat, but laser technology will also boost your natural collagen levels. The heat from the laser will cause your skin to produce more collagen to heal itself. Collagen is a building block of the skin that improves its structure and firms the texture. SmartLipo® will reduce your fat deposits while also tightening and smoothing out your skin.

SmartLipo® is an advanced procedure that produces similar results to liposuction, but it is much less invasive because it is done with a laser. Males who wish to remove the unwanted fat on their body and experience results immediately love having SmartLipo® as an option.

There is virtually no downtime and no visible scarring. This allows males to achieve their ideal body that exercise and diets were not giving them. If you would like further information on SmartLipo®, contact Dr. Korman’s practice, located in Mountain View, California.

This quick, effective form of liposuction uses a laser to liquefy the fat on the top layers of skin. Dr. Korman is able to perform SmartLipo® on the hips, thighs, arms, buttocks, abdomen or face, revealing a toned, manly body. While the laser is being used to liquefy the fat, a small tube will be placed in an incision to remove excess oil and liquid. If you are interested in this amazing, efficient procedure, contact Dr. Korman at his Mountain View practice to schedule a consultation.

What are the Benefits of SmartLipo®?

Liposuction techniques are excellent ways to remove fat. When this technique is combined with laser technology Dr. Korman is able to achieve precision that yields predictable results. SmartLipo® provides many advantages to our patients, such as:

  • Short recovery period
  • Minimally-invasive procedure
  • Less trauma to surrounding tissues
  • Additional Skin tightening
  • Impressive results

These are just a few of the physical benefits of receiving SmartLipo®. Improving your appearance and receiving your ideal body will likely boost your confidence and improve your self-image. SmartLipo® is a transformational procedure and will improve your day-to-day life!


Healthy, adult men are excellent candidates for SmartLipo®. It is important to note that SmartLipo® is not a weight loss solution. This technique is used to reduce small deposits of fat that appear resistant to exercise and diet. SmartLipo® can be used almost all over the body to enhance your natural features. An ideal candidate will have:

  • A healthy body weight
  • Moderately elastic skin
  • Areas of stubborn fat
  • Realistic expectations for this procedure

If you are interested in the many benefits of SmartLipo® and relate to the candidacy list, we encourage you to reach out to our office for a private consultation with Dr. Korman.

Personal Consultation

During your personal consultation with Dr. Korman, you will be asked about your concerns and aesthetic goals. Dr. Korman will examine the area you are concerned about and will test the skin to ensure you have healthy elasticity. He will ask about past procedures, your current medications, and allergies to get a good understanding of your general health. He may suggest an alternative, or additional treatments, to help you achieve your best results.

Dr. Korman will walk you through the SmartLipo® techniques, potential risks, and the expected outcome. Together, you and the doctor will create a treatment plan that is tailored to your unique anatomy and specific body goals. Be sure to ask lots of questions and voice your concerns.

Dr. Korman and his staff strive to educate their patients on the elements of each procedure and help them feel totally confident in their treatment.

Towards the end of your appointment, Dr. Korman and you will decide upon a date and time for your appointment. He will instruct you on how to prepare for your treatment and recovery. If you have any questions or concerns that are not addressed in the meeting, please feel free to call our office so we can assist you.


Before your appointment, there are a few steps you can take to ensure you have a positive procedure and relaxing recovery. You will want to pick up any necessary items such as pillows or medications to make sure you have a comfortable recovery.

Pillows will help you adjust and elevate areas to decrease swelling. Extra pillows will be particularly helpful in the first few nights after the procedure.

Leading up to your appointment, it will be very important to stay hydrated. Dehydration may cause your tissues to swell further. Be sure to drink a healthy amount of liquids in the days leading up to your appointment. The morning of your appointment, you will want to dress comfortably and show up a few minutes early. This will ensure you have time to find parking, sign in and have a chance to relax before the treatment begins.


You will be able to return home after the treatment and should rest for a couple of days before returning to regular activities.

When you arrive at your appointment, your treatment areas will be cleaned and prepped for the Smart Liposuction procedure. Local anesthesia will be applied to the area you are concerned about. Once the local anesthesia has taken effect and you are comfortable, Dr. Korman will apply thin, tiny incisions to the predetermined area. He will then apply the SmartLipo® device that contains a tiny, low-energy laser into the incisions. This laser will allow Dr. Korman to target the unnecessary fat cells and emulsify them quickly. The liquified cells are then removed and Dr. Korman sculpts the remaining tissue to enhance your appearance.

Once your procedure is completed, Dr. Korman and the surgical team will apply bandages and compression garments.

What to Expect Following SmartLipo®

Compression bandages are usually recommended to speed the healing process, following SmartLipo®. There may be slight swelling or numbness immediately following the procedure, but this should dissipate soon. Recovery is fairly quick, and patients are soon able to show off their new, sleek figure. To learn more about the recovery process following SmartLipo®, contact Dr. Korman’s Mountain View office today.

Results of SmartLipo® for Men

Most patients will see immediate results in their appearance. As the swelling and bruising decreases, your final results will be visible. It may take a few weeks or a few months for final results to be present. Results will depend on the extent of work done and the area treated.

What is the Cost of SmartLipo® in Mountain View, California?

The cost of SmartLipo® can depend on the amount of area being targeted. To assess a cost for your procedure, contact Dr. Korman’s Mountain View office today to schedule a consultation. You can be on your way to removing the unwanted fat that is hiding the body you desire.