Breast reconstruction surgery can be a very difficult decision in a trying time in the lives of many women. Dr. Korman is able to perform this procedure in conjunction with a mastectomy or give the patient additional time to review all options. It is extremely important that you feel comfortable with the procedure, surgeon and environment before beginning this procedure, and Dr. Korman is available to meet with you to review all aspects of the surgery and get to know all of your cosmetic wishes, concerns and questions. To meet with Dr. Korman to discuss breast reconstruction for you, contact him at his Mountain View practice.

What is Breast Reconstruction?

There are several techniques possible for breast reconstruction, and the best choice for your body can be decided between you and your surgeon. With this procedure, an expander (then implant) can be placed to restore the appearance of your breasts, or the patient can choose to do a flap reconstruction. This means that tissue is taken from one part of the body to recreate the appearance of the breasts. Dr. Korman recommends that for this decision, you schedule a consultation where you can review, in-depth the entire procedure for all of your options. Contact our Mountain View office to set up a time to review your choices for breast reconstruction.

Before & After Photos

Breast Reconstruction Before & After Patient #2374
Breast Reconstruction Before & After Patient #2374

What to Expect Following Breast Reconstruction Surgery?

The new breasts will usually be bandaged immediately following the procedure, and full recovery takes about one month. A tube to drain excess fluids may be necessary immediately following the procedure, as well. Scarring from breast reconstruction surgery is minimal because of the natural placement for incisions. To learn more about the recovery process for this procedure, contact Dr. Korman’s Mountain View office.

What is the Cost of Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Mountain View, California?

Breast reconstruction is an insurance covered procedure. Breast reconstruction is often performed at El Camino Hospital, Stanford University Hospital, or Hospital Drive Surgery Center.