Many women feel self-conscious about the shape and elasticity of their arms. Sometimes this can be corrected with non-invasive techniques or with liposuction. An unfortunate side effect of excessive weight loss can be loose, sagging skin that hangs from the arm, awkwardly moving with each movement of the arm. This can also occur because of genetics and aging. With an arm lift, Dr. Korman is able to sculpt the arm and create a toned appearance that revitalizes the entire shape of the arm. To learn more about arm lifts, contact Dr. Korman’s Mountain View practice to talk to our knowledgeable staff and schedule an appointment.

What is an Arm Lift?

To sculpt your arm, Dr. Korman can sometimes use specialized liposuction techniques alone (See SmartLipo, Vaser) to sculpt the arm. For a surgical arm lift (brachioplasty), Dr. Korman begins this procedure by making an incision on the inner arm from the elbow to the arm pit. This minimizes visible scarring for the Carmel, San Jose or surrounding California area patient. At this point, the surgeon will tighten the arm ligaments to give the arm a contoured appearance. If necessary, excess fat will also be removed. Dr. Korman will then close the incision.

What to Expect Following an Arm Lift?

Following your arm lift, Dr. Korman may recommend that a light compression garment should be worn to reduce swelling and bruising. After approximately 2 weeks, normal activity can resume; however, heavy lifting should be avoided. Further information about the recovery of an arm lift can be discussed at your consultation with Dr. Korman at his Mountain View facility.

What is the Cost of an Arm Lift in Mountain View, California?

Arm lifts vary in price with the amount of surgery needed and if other surgeries, such as liposuction, are done to maximize results. Contact Dr. Korman’s Mountain View practice to schedule a consultation, get a price quote and discuss patient financing.