SmartLipo® is an amazing, innovative leap in cosmetic surgery because it has the same goal as traditional liposuction, to reduce unwanted fat deposits, but it is done with a laser. This makes it a much less invasive procedure with less recovery time afterward. Mountain View and San Jose patients love the svelte figure they are left with following their SmartLipo® procedure, and that they are able to show off their results soon after. To learn if you are a good candidate for SmartLipo®, contact Dr. Korman at his Mountain View practice today.

What is SmartLipo®?

This quick, effective form of liposuction uses a laser to liquefy the fat on the top layers of skin. Dr. Korman is able to perform SmartLipo® on the hips, thighs, arms, buttocks, abdomen or face, producing outstanding and sleek results. While the laser is being used to liquefy the fat, a small tube will be placed in an incision to remove excess oil and liquid. If you are interested in this amazing, efficient procedure, contact Dr. Korman at his Mountain View practice to schedule a consultation.

What to Expect Following SmartLipo®?

Compression bandages are usually recommended to speed the healing process, following SmartLipo®. There may be slight swelling or numbness immediately following the procedure, but this should dissipate soon. Recovery is fairly quick, and patients are soon able to show off their new, sleek figure. To learn more about the recovery process following SmartLipo®, contact Dr. Korman’s Mountain View office today.

What is the Cost of SmartLipo® in Mountain View, California?

The cost of SmartLipo® can depend on the amount of area being targeted. To assess a cost for your procedure, contact Dr. Korman’s Mountain View office today to schedule a consultation. You can be on your way to removing the unwanted fat that is hiding your true figure.