Laser Hair Removal

You can’t shave everywhere. Laser technology is like a magic eraser that rubs out unwanted hair growth. The science of optics lies behind one of the hottest trends in the aesthetic industry. Women were the first to benefit from laser hair removal, but the spectrum of patients is broadening to include the grooming needs of men, as well. The power, precision and safety of cutting edge aesthetic lasers make them an ideal treatment to permanently reduce undesired hair anywhere on the body.    

Dr. Joshua Korman believes in bringing the latest advancements in aesthetic tech to his patients. He is a highly regarded plastic surgeon, currently serving as Clinical Professor of Surgery at Stanford University’s School of Medicine. He has made frequent appearances on Castle Connolly’s annual ranking of Top Doctors in the Bay Area. But, behind all the accolades, lies the soul of a poet. In 2001, Dr. Korman won a Lachesis award for Best Play from the Silicon Valley Playwrights Association.

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The difficulty of shaving or the embarrassment (and discomfort!) from waxing can be too much for some to bear. Many men suffer from the unwanted appearance of hair on their backs, chests and elsewhere. Luckily, there is a long-lasting alternative shaving and waxing: laser hair removal

With the use of a low-energy laser, this treatment can permanently reduce hair growth anywhere on the face or body. During the procedure, Dr. Korman employs a directed beam of Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation (LASER) at the target area to kill the root of the hair follicle, allowing for smooth, hairless skin. There is no downtime.[1]

We recommend that patients with dark, coarse hair consider the treatment. Lasers respond best to deep, rich pigments. For optimal results, multiple treatments may be necessary. 

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Following laser hair removal, men are able to go to the beach without having to worry about their hairy chests and backs. Smooth, hairless skin boosts confidence and many women find a sleek, toned body sexually appealing. Our male patients often express their gratitude for having undergone laser hair removal. 

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Men’s motivations for seeking laser hair removal often differs from what drives women. Aesthetics are a big draw for both genders. But men are more likely to be interested in the potential performance-enhancing aspects of the procedure. Male physiology might also raise certain health issues and hygiene concerns connected to ingrown facial hair.

Performance Enhancement 

Hair drag is real. Competitive swimmers glide like dolphins through the water without shaggy body hair to hold them back. Prolific hair growth can hinder cyclists, too. Their piston-like legs pump the pedals less than a whisker’s distance from spinning chains and sprockets. Bodybuilders prefer to showcase an unobstructed view of their chiseled musculature. And all athletes can appreciate that deep tissue massage is easier to perform on smooth skin.   

Health and Hygiene

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Razor bumps and ingrown hairs can be painful, unsightly and prone to infection. Men who endure frequent occurrences of pseudofolliculitis barbae (ingrown hairs) may be tempted to grow out a full beard in order to avoid it. But beards aren’t for everyone. This is especially true for men in the military (and other service-oriented careers) for whom a clean-shaven face is a daily requirement. Laser hair removal permanently reduces facial hair. What few strands remain are fine, straight and easily scraped away with a razor.[2]    

Simple Aesthetics    

The majority of men only want to whip off their shirts with confidence. Gym memberships, protein supplements and plant-based diets can help to sculpt the perfect torso. But all that hard work and ascetic discipline will not amount to much when it’s covered in a tangled thicket of embarrassing body hair.  

Your Personal Consultation With Dr. Joshua Korman 

Your Personal Consultation With Dr. Joshua Korman

Dr. Korman’s surgical skill is balanced by his creative spirit and unbound compassion. He is ready to listen and eager to help. Your personal consultation is an opportunity to ask the Stanford professor some probing questions about laser hair removal or any other procedure that may interest you. Dr. Korman will get to know you, as well. After a brief interview, physical examination and a review of your medical records, he will determine your candidacy for treatment.

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How Do I Get the Best Results From Laser Hair Removal?

Below, we present some useful tips to optimize your laser hair removal experience. 
• Are you an ideal candidate?  
Laser hair removal works best on darker hair pigments. People with blonde or gray hair may want to reconsider. 
• Shave prior to laser hair removal.
Freshly shaved skin enhances the treatment’s effectiveness. Don’t tweeze or wax as this will decrease the effectiveness. 
• Keep your appointments. 
Your laser treatments are timed to your hair growth cycle for the best results. 
• Wear sun protection.
Your laser treatments will temporarily decrease your skin’s resilience to sunlight.

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost in the Bay Area?

Hair growth patterns on the face and body are as unique as a fingerprint. The same is true for one’s hair texture, hair color and overall straightness or curliness. The number of sessions and the size of the treatment area(s) contribute significantly to cost. Dr. Korman will best be able to quote you an accurate price at your personal consultation. 

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Does laser hair removal affect male fertility?

No. In the hands of a trained professional, laser hair removal is a completely safe procedure. Perhaps it is because lasers are still a relatively new technology that the devices retain some of their sci-fi mystique. Many myths persist. The fact is that aesthetic laser treatments are a popular, non-surgical alternative to many more involved cosmetic procedures. These lasers are designed to only operate on the skin. They do not penetrate any other organs. So, you can safely sizzle away obtrusive follicles anywhere—even on the sensitive tissues of the groin.        

Is laser hair removal good for skin?

Yes. Laser, light and energy-based therapies are good for the skin in a number of ways. Laser treatments leave the skin smooth and clear. And, if you are regularly tormented by infected ingrown hairs, laser hair removal can permanently reduce them. Any strands of hair that survive laser bombardment grow straighter and finer than they did before. They are far less likely to cause irritation.  

How often should I get laser hair removal?

It depends. Hair grows differently at different parts of the body. Additionally, there are multiple stages in the hair growth cycle. Laser hair removal gently showers the skin in the stimulated emission of optically amplified rays of light. The light resonates at frequencies that are drawn to hair pigment. Hair follicles are vaporized at the root while the surrounding skin is left unaffected. But only actively growing hair in the anagen phase is connected to its roots. Hair growth in the later catagen and telogen phases is unmoored and untethered. So, these wily old whiskers will avoid their untimely end—until next time. Treatments are spaced every four to six weeks for facial hair and every eight to ten weeks for body hair. It generally takes six to eight sessions to complete the process.   

How long after laser treatments can you shave?

You should wait about 10 days before taking a razor to your skin again. The hair in your treatment zone may begin to shed during a span of time that falls between 5 and 14 days after your initial treatment. This is a normal part of the process. Do not be alarmed. Waiting 10 days will present an opportunity to shave while your shedding is at its peak. Shaving encourages even more shedding of dead follicles and makes way for new hair growth. New growth will be targeted at your next laser hair removal session.        


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