The Procedure

Contact Dr. Korman’s Mountain View facility today to schedule an appointment to address all questions, concerns and be on your way to hairless features.

Laser hair removal by Dr. Korman gives Mountain View and San Jose patients a chance to reduce or remove the appearance of unwanted hair. This treatment can be done on the face or body with the use of a low-energy laser directed at the target area to kill the root of the hair follicle, allowing for smooth, hairless skin.

Mountain View patients who commonly seek this procedure are tired or wasting their time and money with waxing, shaving or feeling embarrassed by their unwanted hair. Dr. Korman recommends this to patients with dark, coarse hair because the lasers respond best to darker pigments. For optimal results, multiple treatments are necessary, but they require no downtime.

This laser treatment gives you a convenient, efficient opportunity to remove your hair for a last time and forever enjoy smooth, hair-free skin.

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What Is Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a medical procedure that removes unwanted hair from the body and face. The laser is a beam of light that pulsates to the individual hair follicle. The hair follicle is then damaged to prevent future hair growth. Hair can be removed from the body in these areas: underarms, stomach, back, bikini area, legs, and arms. Hair can be removed from the face in these areas: upper lip, chin, between the eyebrows, sides of face, and sideburns. Although most areas of the body and face are good candidates for laser hair removal, the procedure cannot be performed on the eyelids or areas surrounding the eyelids.

The procedure removes unwanted hair and, although, results are noticeable after the first visit, it generally requires more multiple visits to get optimal results.

Ideal Candidates For Laser Hair Removal

  • Those who have unwanted hair on the face and body
  • The ideal candidate is someone with light skin with darker hair
  • Fair, untanned skin
  • Have not waxed, plucked, or undergone electrolysis in the past 6 weeks

What To Expect During The Consultation

Dr. Joshua Korman’s consultation begins by discussing your specific desired needs. He explain what can be accomplished by laser hair removal, if you’re a good candidate, and if the procedure is necessary.

The doctor will also explain what you should do before the procedure, such as avoiding sun exposure, tanning beds, waxing, electrolysis, and tweezing for six weeks prior and after. You are still able to shave before the laser hair removal procedure.

You should also not use Retin-A, Renova, and AHAs for at least a week before laser hair removal, because these treatments can make your skin sensitive.

As with any medical procedure, Dr. Korman, will conduct a full examination, ask you questions about your health and current medications, he will also examine the specific area of the body that you would like to remove hair from. At this time, he will discuss with you if your pigment and hair color will work well with the laser. Dr. Joshua Korman will discuss how many treatments may be necessary for ideal results. The doctor will explain that some men and women find that after a few treatments they do not require any other treatments, while others may need to return in a few years.

The doctor will explain how the precise laser will help remove the hair from the follicle, leaving a smooth, hairless appearance to the face or body, and how through the use of laser technology, Dr. Joshua Korman will be able remove hair from large sections of the body at once.

The Procedure

Laser hair removal is performed in Dr. Korman’s Mountain View facility.

The laser hair removal procedure may begin with trimming the hair with scissors. This will depend on the area that the procedure is to be performed on. Dr. Korman may apply a topical anesthetic to help reduce any discomfort during the hair removal treatment. He may also apply a cooling gel to lessen the intensity of the heat from the laser. You will be provided with protective eyewear to protect your eyes from the laser.

After you have been prepped for the procedure, Dr. Joshua Korman will place the laser against your skin. The laser will target the hair follicle under the skin. The heat from the laser may feel hot against the skin. You will want to let the doctor to know at this time if you require more cooling gel.

The length of time for the treatment will depend on the area that is performed. For instance, if it is done only on the chin, the procedure can performed in minutes, whereas if the area is larger like the legs, the procedure can take more than an hour. Most patients will be able to return to work immediately after.


Dr. Joshua Korman is an experienced laser hair removal plastic surgeon, and while the majority of his patients will not experience significant side effects, besides redness, irritation, and/or break outs in the area of exposure to the laser, he encourages his patients to contact him with any concerns.

For most patients, laser hair removal does not require recovery time. With that said, your skin may be red and irritated right after -this will go away within a few hours. You will want to ice the area to bring down swelling and irritation. While most people are able to return to most normal activities almost immediately, you’ll want to avoid sun exposure for a minimum of six weeks. As well as, you will not want to wax, tweeze, or do electrolysis, especially if you require more treatments.

Some people may experience hair shedding, which can look like the hair is growing back, but it is the hair falling out.

You will generally return to the doctor’s office about six weeks after the first procedure, and depending on your specific needs, you will return to the Mountain View facility for an average of four to six more treatments within the year.

Alternatives to Laser hair Removal

While there are alternatives to Laser Hair Removal for facial and body hair, none are as long-lasting or as quick as laser hair removal. However, for some people the procedure may not be right for them, so here are alternatives and hair removal treatments that can be used in conjunction with laser hair removal.


Tweezing is an at home treatment to remove unwanted hair by taking a pair of tweezers and removing one hair at a time. Most people only tweeze small sections of hair. This generally lasts about three to eight weeks. The hair around it can grow in and show growth before then, as well as if a hair breaks off on the inside of the skin, you can have an ingrown hair. This should not be used in conjunction with laser hair removal, and will not have the lasting results that laser hair removal will produce.


Waxing is usually done in a beauty salon, but can also be done at home. Usually hot wax is applied to the area and cloth strips are used to remove hair. The results last three to six weeks. This treatment can cause redness, ingrown hairs, and break outs when done on the face. This beauty treatment cannot be done in conjunction with laser hair removal, and will not have the lasting effects of laser hair removal. However, this treatment can help women and men with blonde, grey, white, or red hair temporarily remove unwanted hair.


Shaving is usually done every day to every third day, depending on the person. For women, it is generally done only on the body, and not on the face, because shaving creates coarser hair and stubble. Shaving can cause nicks and cuts on the sin, irritation, and uneven removal. Shaving can be done in conjunction with laser hair removal.

Depilatory Creams

Depilatory Creams can help to remove unwanted hair. They usually have a strong odor, and do not work well on coarse hair. Any new depilatory cream should be tested on your body before use because it can cause an allergic reaction. This type of hair removal general lasts a few days to weeks.

Prescription Creams

Vaniqa is a prescription cream is not a hair removal cream, instead its purpose is to help to slow down the growth of facial hair, and to make the hair thinner and softer.
Vaniqa is applied every day to the desired area. This cream can be used with shaving or laser to lessen the time between the procedure or daily shaving. This cannot replace laser hair removal, nor can it be used on other areas of the body.


Electrolysis works by placing a fine needle into the hair follicle and giving a small electric current. Due to the specific nature of electrolysis, only small areas are done at a time, and can take several visits to remove hair from a very specific area of the body. Whereas, laser hair removal can work on a larger area due to the pulsating light. However, unlike laser treatment, electrolysis may be more ideal for blonde, grey, red, and white hair, as well as, darker skin.

Infrared Pulse Light

Infrared Pulse Light, also known as IPL, is a treatment used to remove unwanted hair by using a broad spectrum light. Due to the broad spectrum of the light, and shallow reach of the infrared pulse light, hair removal is not as specific as laser hair removal, nor does it remove deep or coarse hair. IPL also can affect the surrounding tissue, therefore burning the skin, especially for those who have darker pigments.


The costs of a laser hair removal will vary based on the area of treatment. Dr. Kormans’s consultation will provide costs for each procedure.