One thing we’ve probably all noticed is that attractive people seem to have the most perfectly shaped noses, and well proportioned facial features. While not everybody is this lucky genetically, there are ways to achieve facial balance without being born with it. For many people, the nose is the main feature that throws off the symmetry of their faces. Not only is it one of the first things others see when they meet us, it also creates a framework for the rest of the face. If the nose is too large, long, wide, or even small, it can affect a person throughout their lives. In many cases, the nose is subject to serious injury or breakage, which causes it to look out of place, crooked, or off center. For any of these conditions Rhinoplasty is an effective surgical solution designed to correct anything from nasal contour to functionality.

Rhinoplasty can improve a patient’s look and bring about a change in their self-esteem after all is said and done. This is what makes the surgery so rewarding for those who have it. Physical improvements are not the only thing they walk away with and Dr Korman is there to guide his patients towards their physical goals from the consultation stage to the recovery stage.

Dr. Korman has extensive knowledge and experience in performing rhinoplasty surgery that dramatically improve the appearance of the nose and even the functionality. Depending on what the patient wants, our surgeon is able to reduce the size of the nose, reshape it, and change the nostril size or the angle between the nose and upper lip. Patients love the individualized treatment they get with this procedure, and that Dr. Korman is able to give them an accurate depiction of their end results.

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What is a Rhinoplasty?

Surgical rhinoplasty began in ancient Egypt and India. Sushruta Samhita and his medical team originally developed the procedure to reconstruct noses and other body parts that had been amputated during religious ceremonies, or criminal punishments. In modern times, it is most commonly used to improve the look and shape of the nose. It can also enhance the functionality of the nasal passages for those who have breathing issues or serious sleep apnea.

During the surgery, incisions made from the inside of the nostrils sever the tissue from the bone. At this point, a number of different methods are available to reshape the cartilage in the nose. Whether reducing or enhancing the nasal structure, Dr. Korman will have planned his exact surgical approach during the consultation.

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There are two techniques that can be used depending on the patient’s situation. Closed rhinoplasty alters the nasal structure from the inside of the nostrils. Open rhinoplasty, which is usually used for more complicated cases, involves the severing of the septum. For patients needing to reinforce the structure of their nose cartilage is often used from other parts of the body such as the ribs or ear. This is common if too much bone or cartilage were removed during a previous surgery.

With this procedure, Dr. Korman is able to use state-of-the-art computer programming to help each patient visualize how his or her nose can be realistically altered. This helps both the patient and surgeon visualize a common goal. Dr. Korman begins the actual surgery by making a small incision inside the nostril and then separating the bone and tissue. At this point there are numerous options in which the cartilage can be reshaped or trimmed, bone can be shaved, and many more. This depends on what Dr. Korman and you have decided as your cosmetic goal.

Candidates for Rhinoplasty

Patients whose faces have developed fully will see the best results from rhinoplasty. This usually means that a teenager can get a nose job, but he/she must be thoroughly examined by Dr. Korman to confirm that the face has fully grown.

Most candidates for rhinoplasty are unhappy with the size or shape of their nose and want to improve its look and contour. A smaller number of candidates seek out this procedure because they are experiencing complications or pain due to past injury or misalignment of the nasal structure.

Patients are good candidates for rhinoplasty as long as they are healthy and don’t have any medical conditions or illnesses that might complicate the surgery or healing process.

It is also important for candidates to have a realistic idea of what the surgery can achieve physically. This is assessed by the doctor during the consultation, and can be discussed until both the doctor and patient are on the same page. If a patient meets all of these criteria and has a positive attitude Rhinoplasty is the best surgical option available.

What to expect during a consultation

During the consultation Dr. Korman will answer any questions that a patient may have. It is important for patients to do their own research prior to the consultation so that they can make a list of their questions for the doctor. A thorough examination of the nose evaluates the inside structures and outside angles. Dr. Korman will measure the protrusion of the nose from the face and the width of the upper, middle, and lower sections. These measurements will help to determine the best surgical approach to address a patient’s concerns.

Comparison of the nose to the shape of the face is important to make sure a balanced look is achieved after surgery. Once a game plan for surgery is selected the patient is briefed on the necessary precautions to take leading up to the surgery. Patients will be advised to select a friend or family member to care for them after surgery, and drive them to all follow up appointments.

Procedure & Recovery

Several different kinds of rhinoplasty can be performed depending on each patient’s needs.

Reduction Rhinoplasty

This procedure is a common form of the surgery. It resizes the nose to better fit the patient’s facial features. Specifically, it can remove or reduce bumps on the bridge of the nose or shorten an elongated nasal tip. It can also be used to correct oversized nostrils. During the surgery, Dr. Korman removes small pieces of bone or cartilage until the size and shape is achieved. For reducing the nostril size, small pieces of tissue are removed from the area where the nostril attaches to the face. The area is then re-attached with sutures for healing.

Augmentation Rhinoplasty

This procedure utilizes bone or tissue grafting to build the tip or bridge of the nose. If possible, cartilage is used from the septum. If there isn’t enough tissue in the nose, cartilage will be used from other areas such as the rib bone.

Post-Traumatic Rhinoplasty

This procedure is performed if a patient has suffered an injury to the nose. The surgery corrects both the look and the functionality of the nose. After injury it is often necessary to straighten the nose as many patients have a broken nose. In some cases the nose may need to be re-fractured and set to a more appropriate angle.

Reconstructive Rhinoplasty

This procedure is necessary for patients who have lost part of or all of their noses as a result of accident, skin cancer or other serious illness. This procedure rebuilds the nose with skin grafts, flap techniques and other very complicated methods. Because of the difficulty of this procedure, the final result may require multiple surgeries over a number of months.

It is imperative for patients to adhere to strict limitations on their activity in order to make sure there is no injury or irritation of the nose. During sleep or rest the head should always be elevated. Soft foods should be eaten and the face should be kept still as often as possible. Shirts that button up the front should be worn for the first couple of weeks to avoid irritating or brushing the nose. Tooth brushing should be kept very gentle and patients should also avoid blowing their noses. Patients should take baths rather than showers to avoid wetting the bandages, and cold compresses should be used often to reduce swelling.

Rhinoplasty recovery plays an important part in the final result.

No strenuous activities are permitted for up to fourteen days following the procedure. Sodium intake should be reduced or eliminated to assist in reduction of swelling. All glasses or sunglasses should be avoided, so as not to put pressure on the bridge of the nose during recovery. A splint will be placed around the nose immediately after the surgery to protect it. Self-dissolving and external stitches will be removed approx. one week after the surgery. Pain, swelling, and fluid drainage can be alleviated with pain medication and ice packs which contract the blood vessels and reduce swelling. The most important thing is for a patient to follow the recovery plan to the letter. This allows for patients to experience the best final outcome and a genuine boost in confidence.

Alternative Treatments

Rhinoplasty doesn’t have any comparable techniques to shape and repair the nose. Some doctors have experimented with the use of injectables to fill dents or narrow areas of the bridge of the nose but this has not had the long-lasting results that the surgery has. The fillers are metabolized and the nose eventually goes back to its previous form, and this is after only a few short months.

For patients with severe asymmetry or structural issues fillers are not able to correct their conditions. That being said, it is clear that rhinoplasty is both an irreplaceable and effective surgery.


Prices for rhinoplasty vary depending on the technique or combination of techniques that Dr. Korman employs. The most important factor is that the patient is pleased with the final outcome. Dr. Korman’s practice offers reasonable financing plans so that patients of every income level can have the surgery they need to look their best.

During the consultation he will give the patient a price quote and they can decide what payment options work best for their budget before the surgery happens. It is important to remember that when choosing a plastic surgeon it is not the time to bargain hunt. A quality surgery will not be priced too high, but it will also not be the cheapest option.

Patients can rely on Dr. Korman’s expertise and years of experience when they choose him as their surgeon.