Fat gathers all around our bodies. An apparent and frustrating area fat gathers is around our midsection, bunching up around the top of pants and making unattractive bumps.

Muffin tops are frustrating and very difficult to target with workouts. Lucky for you, CoolSculpting is a revolutionary, non-surgical method to reduce this fat! Enhance your body contours by CoolSculpting your love handles away.

About CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting uses the science of fat freezing, also known as cryolipolysis, to eliminate pesky fat cells. Cryolipolysis has been studied for quite a few years and tested out to show impressive, safe results on people. CoolSculpting will target fatty areas such as the flanks and kill fat cells. This allows for a significant impact on your overall fat cell number. By the time we hit adulthood, we all have a set number of fat cells. These cells will fluctuate throughout our life but working out will eliminate these cells. CoolSculpting allows for these cells to die off and be naturally metabolized by the body.

The result will be a lower fat cell amount and long-term results that can be kept consistent with a healthy lifestyle.

CoolSculpting implements scientifically made applicators that will fit the curves of your body. For love handle CoolSculpting, the devices CoolAdvantage or CoolAdvantage Plus have been created. This device is designed to target large areas of fat. The device will be suctioned to the area and draw the fat up to the surface of your skin. This will allow the cells to be targeted more effectively. The cells will be targeted for about forty-five minutes after which you can immediately return to your normal day.

CoolSculpting is a simple way to slim down your body and rid yourself of that muffin top!

Before and After Photos


CoolSculpting is convenient! You don’t have to plan for an extensive downtime or take time planning for the treatment. You just show up, relax, and leave.

CoolSculpting is a revolutionary technique to help slim down your body in a simple way.

This treatment is great for men and women with a busy lifestyle that don’t want to commit to the time surgery would demand.


Healthy men and women are great candidates for this treatment! Coolsculpting men’s love handles is a very common technique used to help male patients regain their masculine figure. Whether you are a woman looking to enhance your curves or a man looking to enhance the definition of your core, CoolSculpting will help you achieve your goals.

If you are bothered by love handles that just won’t go away no matter your exercise routine and diet, Coolsculpting may be your best solution. To truly know, schedule a consultation with us today.

Personal Consultation

In your private meeting with Dr. Korman, he will explain the benefits of CoolSculpting and how it is used to help people obtain their body goals. He will listen as you explain your concerns and what you would like to achieve with CoolSculping. Dr. Korman will examine your flanks and ask about your health, past procedures, and current medications. This information will help him determine if CoolSculpting is your best choice or if he can help you be creating an alternative solution.

If CoolSculpting is pursued, Dr. Korman will explain the treatment and schedule a date for your first procedure.


CoolSculpting is a simple treatment that does not require preparation. Show up to your appointment and relax!

Your CoolSculpting Treatment

When you arrive at your appointment, you will be guided to a state-of-the-art room furnished with CoolSculpting technology. You will be lead to a comfy seat where either the CoolAdvantage or CoolAdvantage Plus applicator will be attached to your love handles. The device will be suctioned to your flanks and expose your fat to cold temperatures. The treatment will last about forty-five minutes, longer if you treat another area as well, during which you can relax. After the treatment, you will feel some pressure as the device is removed. Your flanks will be massaged for about two minutes.


You can return to your regular day following the treatment.

The body will begin to address the frozen fat cells by day three of your recovery. However, it will take fourteen days for you to begin to see a difference in your flanks and one to three months for your ideal results to be achieved. Most patients receive multiple treatments for their best outcome.

After your treatment, your treated area will be numb. You should regain feeling throughout the day and may experience a tingling sensation on your skin for the next few days.


CoolSculpting results can be seen a few months after your first treatment. These results can last you a long time if paired with working out and eating healthy. Enjoy a slimmer body and attractive contours with CoolSculpting.

Complementary Procedures

CoolSculpting can be performed on multiple areas of the body such as under the chin, along the upper arm, back, thighs, and abdomen. If you are looking to truly transform the way you appear, you can combine your love handle CoolSculpting treatment with another one. CoolSculpting applicators have been made specifically for these areas of the body and will fit along with your natural shape. The devices will effectively kill fat cells and improve your appearance in an impactful way.

If you are interested in having two areas CoolSculpted, tell Dr. Korman about the other area you would like treated. He will examine the area and determine if it is in your best interest to pursue the treatment. Some of the more popular areas patients CoolSculpt is under the chin and along the abdomen. Double chins can make a person appear older and out of shape. CoolSculpting will help return symmetry and definition to your face. Abdominal CoolSculpting will help you achieve a smooth, flat stomach. This treatment will improve upon your love handle treatment and really impact the way your whole body appears. Dr. Korman and his team will help design your ideal CoolSculpting plan.


CoolSculpting prices will vary based on the number of treatments required to help you achieve your best outcome. CoolSculpting can also be performed on multiple areas, which will also impact the cost. To learn more about your personal cost, schedule a consultation with us today at
(650) 254-1200.


How long does it take to see results of Coolsculpting?

Some results are noticeable after a few weeks but your best results will be noticed after a few treatments. Patients often see their best outcome after two to three months. CoolSculpting love handles is a simple, easy solution. One of the primary advantages for this treatment is it is non-surgical. You don’t have to deal with injections, incisions, anesthesia, or scarring!

How much is CoolSculpting for flanks?

CoolSculpting love handles prices will vary based on the number of treatments needed for your desired outcome. Many patients receive at least three treatments to see their best outcome. More treatments may be needed in relation to the size of the area being targeted and the amount of fat you want to reduce. CoolSculpting results for love handles are great! Check out our CoolSculpting love handles before and after photos to see how this treatment has helped our patients. To learn more about the cost of your personal treatment, call our office today and schedule a consultation.

Do you lose weight when you do CoolSculpting?

Yes. You will lose some weight over the first few months of fat elimination. The weight loss will not be significant and it should be recognized that CoolSculpting is not a weight loss procedure. CoolSculpting is meant to sculpt the body and get rid of bothersome subcutaneous fat. Subcutaneous fat is stored just under the skin and is very difficult to get rid of. CoolSculpting offers up a great, simple way to smooth out your body and achieve a slim waist.

Can Coolsculpting get rid of love handles?

Yes! CoolSculpting is a great way to rid yourself of bothersome flanks. CoolSculpting will help you achieve a slender body and attractive curves. This treatment is great for people who do not have the time or money to spend on an invasive procedure. Another great aspect of CoolSculpting is that it won’t leave scars. This treatment does not require any surgical techniques like injections, incisions, or anesthesia. Enjoy slimming down your body without taking a lot of time out of your schedule. This treatment is great for men and women with a busy life, family to take care of, or demanding job. Get the body you’ve always wanted without having to sacrifice a lot of your time. Freeze love handles away with CoolSculpting!

How many CoolSculpting treatments are needed for love handles?

Typically, patients undergo about three treatments before they see the results they want. More CoolSculpting treatments can be undergone to help you get a slim body faster. No matter your concern, our team will work with you to get rid of your love handles. Fat freeze flanks away with this simple, convenient solution.

CoolSculpting(R) is FDA-cleared to treat visible fat bulges in 9 areas of the body. Some common side effects include temporary numbness, discomfort, and swelling.