The shape of the lower body causes many women to feel embarrassed and want to hide behind baggy pants. Excess skin and fat on the thighs can be a result of genetics, aging or weight loss. However, Dr. Korman gives women a chance to correct this with a thigh lift, which tightens the upper leg and creates a contoured shape. If you would like to boost your confidence by enhancing the shape of your leg, contact Dr. Korman’s Mountain View practice to schedule a consultation and discuss your options.

What is a Thigh Lift?

A thigh lift will help you achieve smooth, toned thighs.

A thigh lift is a surgical procedure that reduces excess tissue and skin from the upper legs. The remaining skin is then tightened and lifted to provide smoother thighs and a perkier buttock profile.

This surgical technique is often performed on patients who have lost a large amount of weight or who are bothered by loose, dimpled skin. A thigh lift commonly boosts patients confidence and helps improve their body image. If you are self-conscious about wearing shorts, skirts, dresses, or swimsuits because of your thighs. It may be time to consider a thighplasty.

Before and After Photos

Benefits of Thigh Lift

There are many advantages to having a thigh lift surgery, which is sometimes called a thigh tuck or thighplasty. The main benefit is that the procedure will sculpt your thighs.


We pride ourselves on helping our patients attain their body goals and providing them with a body they can be proud of.


After a thigh tuck, you can be confident in the appearance of your legs again! A thigh lift will revitalize the appearance of your legs and help to improve your overall appearance.


Leg contouring surgery is popular among women but is also performed on men to help sculpt their thighs, and help them appear more muscular. Ideally, candidates for a thigh lift have:

  • Cellulite in prominent areas such as the thighs
  • Completed Any Major Weight Loss
  • Recently lost a lot of weight resulting in sagging skin
  • Moderate to excellent skin elasticity
  • A healthy lifestyle
  • Loose skin

This treatment will improve skin texture as well as improve body proportions. A thigh reduction is a transformative procedure, and we suggest that people who are interested in the surgery schedule a consultation with Dr. Korman to learn if the treatment is indicated for them.

Consultation with Dr. Korman – Top Body Contouring Expert

Dr. Korman is a recognized world expert in thigh lifts and many plastic surgeons refer their patients to him for this procedure. During your private meeting with Dr. Korman, you will have the opportunity to discuss your personal body concerns and goals for a thigh lift. You will also need to disclose information about your general health, past procedures, allergies, and daily medication routine. This information will help Dr. Korman have a better understanding of your health and whether a thigh lift is a healthy option for you. He may suggest alternative solutions or additional treatments to achieve your overall appearance.

Dr. Korman will perform a physical examination of your thighs, complete with photographs and measurements. The gathered information will help him better strategize on how to perform your procedure. Be sure to ask about thigh lift before and after photographs to see what your improvement may appear like.

Together, you and Dr. Korman will create a treatment plan that addresses your concerns and strives to achieve your ideal aesthetic.

There are many types of thigh lifts and each thigh lift performed along a highly-customized surgical plan to match your body goals and the features of your natural anatomy.

INNER THIGH LIFT. An inner thigh lift is commonly performed with an incision is along the inner groin crease that extends down toward the back of the thigh. Another type of inner thigh lift may include an incision along the inner thigh that occurs from the groin to the knee. Patients who do not require a lot of tissue removal may qualify for a procedure that requires an incision only in the groin.

OUTER THIGH LIFT. An outer thigh lift may include an incision along the groin that leads to the hip and ends on your back. This incision may be made in ways that allow you to hide it with underwear or swimsuit bottoms. A combination of these incisions may be used to perform your procedure based on your preferences and goals.

At his Mountain View office, Dr. Korman can go over, in detail, the thigh lift procedure. We encourage our patients to ask lots of questions and to voice any concerns. Our goal is for you to leave your appointment confident and comfortable with the details of your upcoming procedure.


Preparation is key to a healthy procedure and recovery.

There are many ways to prepare for thigh surgery, the best way is to follow Dr. Korman’s instructions. However, we have a guideline listed below to help you prepare! In general, results are much better if you have significantly more skin than fat. This results in improved contours. So, you want to be at a stable weight before the procedure.


PREPARE A RECUPERATION SPOT. Your recuperation spot may be your bedroom or a couch in the front room. Make sure it is an area you can rest peacefully. This area should have extra pillows, blankets, medications, water, snacks, and entertainment nearby.

ARRANGE HELP AT HOME. You may need assistance getting around and performing activities around your living space. You will also need someone to drive you around while on pain medications.

12 HOURS BEFORE TREATMENT. Twelve hours before your procedure, you will want to fast. This fast will help prepare your body for surgery the next day.

THE MORNING OF TREATMENT. Be sure to wear comfy clothes and arrive a few minutes early. Arriving early will give you time to sign in and relax before the procedure.


The above list is a guideline to help you navigate the days leading up to your surgery. For your best results, follow Dr. Korman’s instructions and if you have any questions, please call our office so we can assist you.

What to Expect During the Thigh Lift Procedure

When you arrive at your appointment, you will be greeted by Dr. Korman and the rest of the surgical team who will mark and prepare your thighs. General anesthesia and a sedative will be administered to ensure you have a safe, comfortable treatment.

With thigh lifts, Dr. Korman commonly makes the incision in the crease where the butt and thigh meet. He may also make an incision in the groin area by the hip. This will depend on the patient’s body and the extent of surgery necessary to meet the cosmetic goal. At this point, the skin and muscle tissue are separated, allowing Dr. Korman to trim away excess sagging skin. Once the excess skin has been trimmed, the remaining area will be realigned to create a toned appearance once the incision is closed.

What to Expect Following a Thigh Lift

If there is excess drainage, Dr. Korman will recommend the placement of a tube. Mountain View thigh lift patients should wear light dressings and a compression bandage to speed the healing process and reduce any swelling. After a week, most patients are able to resume normal activity with their contoured thighs.

To discuss the recovery process of a thigh lift, contact Dr. Korman’s Mountain View office to schedule a consultation.

Results of Thigh Lift

A healthy diet and active life will help you maintain your results for years.

You will notice a significant difference in your figure and shape immediately. These results will only get better with time! As the swelling decreases, your skin will take shape to the newly created contours. In a few months, your thighs will be healed, sculpted, and slimmed down! These results will be long-lasting and can be maintained with a healthy lifestyle.

Complementary Procedures

A common procedure that may be paired with a thigh lift is an abdominoplasty or lower body lift. A lower body lift includes improving the thigh and buttocks. This treatment will smooth out your body and improve the appearance of your lower body. These procedures will improve the overall proportions of your body.

If you have lost weight or are looking to reduce sagging skin in the lower area of your body, we encourage you to ask about your options during your personal consultation with Dr. Korman.

What is the Cost of a Thigh Lift in Mountain View, California?

Contact Dr. Korman’s Mountain View office to discuss pricing for thigh lifts. This can vary if done in conjunction with liposuction and depending on the amount of surgery necessary to reach the patient’s cosmetic goal. Patient financing is offered.



What is the recovery time for a thigh lift?

Thigh lift recovery typically takes one to two weeks for patients to return to a desk job, and four to six weeks for patients to return to their regular activities. It takes about a few months before the thighs have reached their final appearance. However, each person will have their own, unique recovery experience. There are many variants that will play into your recoveries such as existing health conditions, age, and genetics.

How long does a thigh lift last?

A thigh lift will last many years! Weight gain and losing skin elasticity is common with age but a healthy lifestyle will help to keep your results consistent.

What is the average cost of a Thigh Lift in Mountain View, California?

This will depend largely on the extent of work needed. Some patients only need a small amount of skin trimmed and lifted, whereas many of our patients have undergone significant weight losses and will need more tissue removed and sculpted. Patients often combine thigh lifts with other procedures which will also impact their total cost. Your best option is to schedule a consultation and learn how much your personalized treatment would cost.