The aftermath of pregnancy, nursing, gravity and aging can take a heavy toll on your breasts, as they become increasingly droopy and hang lower on your body.

A breast lift by Dr. Korman can restore the breasts to their original position, before pregnancy, nursing and gravity struck. Patients love the youthful appearance their breasts have following this procedure, and they rave that their breasts look like they did years and years ago. To discuss if a breast lift is the right procedure to enhance your bosom, contact Dr. Korman’s Mountain View practice to schedule a consultation.

What is a Breast Lift?

Dr. Korman begins this procedure with an incision, most commonly a vertical incision that goes from the areola to the natural crease. Usually a horizontal inframammary incision is not necessary. Excess skin will then be removed, and the areola will be repositioned to align with the new appearance of the breasts. Some patients choose to have implants placed at this time; however, this decision can be discussed with Dr. Korman at your consultation. The entire procedure lasts about 3 hours.

Who is a Candidate for a Breast Lift?

Do you want to correct drooping breasts that lack firmness or have nipples that now point downward rather than straight ahead? If you are a woman who is over 18 years of age and in good health, then a breast lift is a great procedure to consider. Mastopexy (breast lift) is effective for any size breasts that have lost shape or become flatter due to age, gravity, pregnancies, breast-feeding, weight fluctuations and even heredity. Many times the breast skin expands and the areola (pigmented tissue surrounding the nipple) enlarges beyond your aesthetic preference.

To achieve all the optimal benefits from a breast lift, it is important that you be the right candidate for this surgery. Aside from asymmetrical or sagging breasts and nipples, you must have realistic expectations along with the following criteria:

  • nonsmoker
  • physically and emotionally healthy
  • keeping a consistent weight
  • no plans to lose a major amount of weight
  • not pregnant or no intention to become pregnant
  • not nursing

One of the greatest considerations is in understanding that the ideal look of breasts is very personalized. Do not try and imitate someone else’s assumptions or idea of the perfect breasts. This surgery is all about what will be comfortable and pleasing to you.

Before and After Photos

Types of Breast Drops

There are various forms of breast sagging that will determine which surgical method of lifting is needed. Dr. Korman will factor the degree of drooping, how much tissue needs to removed and repositioned.

Empty Sac Syndrome

This is a condition in which breasts have lost their fullness. Also, in this situation your nipple and areola have not similarly dropped to your breast crease.


As with the Empty Sac, Pseudoptosis causes your breasts to lack consistent volume. For instance, your breasts may look heavy below but not above the nipple.


This medical term describes breasts that hang low enough so that the areola and nipple are out of alignment with your breast crease.

Degrees of Ptosis

Types of Breast Lifts

Anchor Lift (Inverted “T”)

This type of lift is great for significant reshaping of excessive sagging and hanging breasts. Dr. Korman will make three incisions: around the areola edge, vertically from the areola bottom to the breast crease, then along the inframammary fold and hidden in the breast crease.

The Anchor Lift is the most invasive lift surgery but also the most effective for those women who have a long distance from the breast crease to nipple (inframammary fold). In this procedure, Dr. Korman will remove a maximum amount of excess skin and tissues. There will be some noticeable scarring. However, the scars usually fade over time and with proper care. You won’t have to worry about the scars being seen in a bathing suit. The scars can be concealed even beneath your bikini top!

Benelli (“Donut” or Circumareolar) Lift

If you have need for only a slight breast lift, re-size the areola or minimal correction of your nipple asymmetry, then the Benelli Lift is an effective solution. Dr. Korman will remove tissue from around the areola through a doughnut-shaped incision. Then he will tighten (“purse-string”) the remaining breast skin. The Benelli Lift is less invasive than an entire mastopexy. Scarring will blend with the areola border. This procedure, however, may cause a flattening of the breasts. That is why this lift is often performed along with a breast augmentation.

Crescent Lift

The least invasive of all breast lifting techniques is the Crescent Lift. It is only used to improve the look of women who have a minimal amount of drooping. Dr. Korman will remove a “crescent” of skin at the peak of your nipple and across the top half edge of the areola. There is only a minimal amount of scarring.

Vertical (“Lollipop”) Lift

Do you desire to moderately transform low-hanging breasts or change your nipple position and reduce the size of your areolas? The Vertical (“Lollipop”) Lift will provide you with firmer and better-defined breasts (not by elevating their position on your chest). This popular procedure is done through a main incision vertically down the breast. A circle-shaped (“lollipop”) incision is also made around your areola. Then Dr. Korman will remove excess skin and and pull it horizontally toward the incision in a circle (“lollipop”) shape. This technique also allows a better range of breast positioning. The scars are subtle and can be camouflaged beneath a bra or swimwear.
In some cases, breast lifts are performed with augmentation and implants. Please see our Breast Implant page for further information regarding that specific procedure.

Alternatives to Surgery

A pendulous breast is typically characterized by an unusually low nipple position that can only be properly addressed through surgery. But perhaps you are not a candidate for breast lift surgery or are still considering minimally invasive options. Although, Dr. Korman does not offer these services for breast lifting, here is a list of suggestions to help address your cosmetic concerns:


Just as the injectable purified neurotoxin lifts your frown lines, it is also used to lift pendulous breasts (though it is more effective for A-C cups). Botox is injected into the pectoralis chest muscle to relax them and thus allowing the shoulder muscles to compensate and “pick up the slack.” This is the lifting effect.


Radio waves are used to tighten skin collagen layers to firm the breasts.

Breast Lifting Creams

There are many creams on the market that offer breast lifting benefits with less risk than surgery. The creams may stimulate collagen production and smoother skin. However, there is no proof or guarantee that a cream will actually elevate your breasts.

“Vampire” Breast Lift

This is the latest and perhaps most controversial approach to plump the shape and cleavage of your breasts, correct inverted nipples and boost their sensitivity. It will not give you instantaneous larger cup size but reports to, in some cases, long-lastingly reshape the breasts. The technique works by extracting the Platelet Rich Plasma (platelet-rich plasma) from your own blood and inserting it back into your breasts to increase collagen production.

Chest Exercises

You can get extra help in strengthening your breast tissue by exercising specific chest muscles, such as the pectorals. For those who have more severe drooping, hitting the gym will not give you the same results as surgery.

A Better Bra

A well-fitting bra can make a great difference in the appearance of your breast position and may help firm the breast connective tissue by adding extra support. At the very least, a good bra fitted by a trained expert will provide a more youthful silhouette in your clothes.

What to Expect Following a Breast Lift?

Most women wear a surgical bra following this procedure to speed healing and reduce discomfort. There may be slight swelling or bruising; however, Dr. Korman’s patients are usually able to resume work in approximately one week. For further information about breast lifts, contact our Mountain View office to setup an appointment.

What is the Cost of a Breast Lift in Mountain View, California?

This procedure’s price can vary depending on the amount of work necessary to reach the cosmetic goal, and if the patient chooses to have an implant placed as well. To discuss all of your options and assess a cost, schedule a consultation at Dr. Korman’s Mountain View practice. We have excellent financing options.