male rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is also known as the classic “nose job” procedure to redefine our most prominent of facial features: the nose. In fact, rhinoplasty is an ancient practice first employed centuries ago in the early days of medicine. Fortunately, for men living in the 21st century, there have been some significant upgrades and improvements to the rhinoplasty procedure since its debut in ancient India. 

Dr. Joshua Korman knows that a man’s face is his fortune. Dr. Korman serves the exalted denizens of Silicon Valley with the best aesthetic services in all of Northern California. To contact us, call 408-831-6229 and begin an important conversation that can change everything you thought you knew about your nose. We now offer Virtual Consultations to help meet our diverse patient populations’ wide range of needs.

About Rhinoplasty for Men

Many men find it difficult to talk about their appearance, especially if they are not pleased with it. Frankly, there are not as many resources available for men to address their unbalanced facial aesthetics. Contouring makeup offers the ability to create remarkable illusions, but most guys do not consider cosmetic products to be an option. Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure to correct a big or unbalanced nose.

Many men consider a nose job to subtly enhance their rugged good looks.   

There are several rhinoplasty techniques, whether your nose is just too big, uncomfortably asymmetrical or simply the wrong shape. Dr. Korman is a renowned and respected plastic surgeon. Read our blog to glean insight from Dr. Korman’s intellectual musings. 

Benefits of a Nose Job

Many men are reluctant to consider cosmetic surgery. The aesthetics industry is incorrectly perceived to be an exclusively feminine space. This perception comes from an inaccurate oversimplification of the facts. In truth, many men consider rhinoplasty for the same reason that women do: to correct cosmetic, functional or disfiguring issues with the nose.[1]  

Rhinoplasty can also correct functional problems, such as those that may obstruct breathing. Insurance providers will sometimes cover surgery to improve airway patency.[2] 

Many of Dr. Korman’s accomplished and illustrious male patients pursue rhinoplasty to solve cosmetic issues. Vanity is the sin of winners. Dr. Korman employs a practiced set of surgical techniques to either add (graft) or remove (excise) tissue form the nose in accordance with his own sound judgment and the patient’s aspirations. 

Some rhinoplasty patients wish to enhance their looks and yet maintain their ethnic appearance. In these cases, Dr. Korman is careful to fix the cosmetic issue without affecting the integrity of their ethnic essence.

Dr. Korman is also proud to perform reconstructive rhinoplasty to aid survivors of life-changing trauma, such as cancer or facial damage due to injury. In fact, the very first recorded rhinoplasties in history were reconstructive in nature. Early nose jobs were devised in ancient India to repair the facial maimings which resulted from the evidently harsh criminal justice system of the era.  

Even the most stoic of men will admit that they tend to feel their best when they look good. The nose is the focal point of the face. Its size, shape and position can have an influential effect on how others perceive you, and how you perceive yourself.  


Many of those who can benefit from rhinoplasty may not be happy with the appearance of their nose. Others may have chronic breathing issues, while some may have suffered trauma to the nose and require surgery to restore its appearance.

What Is the Best Age for a Nose Job?

Most surgeons recommend waiting on cosmetic rhinoplasty until your nose reaches adult size. In men, this is usually around age 16-17.

Your Private Consultation with Dr. Joshua Korman

Dr. Joshua Korman is an innovator in the plastic surgery space. As a Stanford Professor, he guides young medical residents and aspiring plastic surgeons through the trials of initiation. 

Contact Dr. Korman to schedule your private consultation with one of California’s leading plastic surgeons. Call 408-831-6229 to speak with one or our helpful representatives. Dr. Korman’s trio of offices are situated throughout the San Francisco Bay Area to best meet your needs. We are excited to add Virtual Consultations to our contact options so that Dr. Korman’s wisdom will be more widely available. 


If you are a qualified candidate for Dr. Korman’s rhinoplasty procedure, he will impart some important preparation instructions so that you can be ready for surgery day. Your preparation protocol will be personalized to your unique needs. They often include various prescriptions and aftercare admonitions. It would be wise to plan for your recovery before your surgery day to avoid any unnecessary trips to the druggist. Fill your prescriptions ahead of time.  

The Rhinoplasty for Men Procedure

Rhinoplasty generally takes one or two hours. In open rhinoplasty, Dr. Korman makes an incision at the columella, near the septum, to free the flap of skin which envelopes your inner nasal passages.[3] The technique grants Dr. Korman the greatest access to do his transformative work. 

In closed rhinoplasty, Dr. Korman must take great care to work in a more confined space. All of the incisions for this technique are gently made inside the nose. This is a better option for less involved surgeries. It comes with shorter recovery time and reduced incidences of scarring.  


Your recovery from rhinoplasty will take about two to three weeks, depending on the extent of your surgery. Bruising and swelling are to be expected. In some cases, initial swelling may obscure your vision. In the early days of recovery, you can control any discomfort with prescription pain medication. As time goes on, you can switch to ibuprofen. 

How Long Is Nose Job Recovery?

You will need to wear a splint on your nose for the first week. Your swelling should reduce significantly by the third day. It can take as long as six months for your swelling to fully and finally recede.  


Many men will breathe a little easier knowing that they no longer need to feel self-conscious about an overly large or asymmetrical nose. As your final results take shape in the subsequent six months, you will get to know the dashing new you staring back from the mirror. 

Dr. Korman will leave the essence of your appearance intact. His aim is not to change how you look. Rather, he will enhance your natural features to bring out the best in you. 

Does a Nose Job Last Forever?

Rhinoplasty patients will enjoy long-lasting results for many years to come. Dr. Korman will shape your bone and cartilage into a more pleasing shape. His modifications are not temporary. As your body ages, it is natural to experience some gradual changes to your face, including your nose. But most of your improvement from a nose job should be relatively permanent.

How Much Does Rhinoplasty for Men Cost in the Bay Area?

The scores of rave reviews from Dr. Korman’s pleased patients are testimony to his surgical skill. It is impossible to quantify the cost of an improved quality of life, but Dr. Korman will present your price at your private consultation.

Contact us to get the conversation started. Call 408-831-6229 to speak with one of our helpful representatives. Financing options are available for patients who qualify.

Dr. Korman Helps Men Look Their Best  

Dr. Korman understands that a man’s face is his fortune. He is a professional man himself, moving in the upper echelons of medicine and academia. He grasps how important it can be to put your best face forward in your personal or business interactions. Dr. Korman “nose” how to help men look their best. 


Should I get a rhinoplasty?

Most candidates for rhinoplasty have some sort of nasal damage or congenital deformity. Asymmetries in the nose may seem subtle, but they can create aesthetic ripples across your entire countenance. Similarly, a simple surgical adjustment is all that is needed to give the nose a more attractive shape. 

How painful is a nose job?

With rhinoplasty, the most unpleasant part tends to be during the initial recovery. Your most severe swelling will subside within the first week. During this time, however, patients are bruised and their noses are packed with gauze. It looks much worse than it feels. Once the initial post-op edema subsides (relatively quickly), some swelling may persist for up to six months. 

Can a nose job change your face?

A skilled plastic surgeon aims to enhance your native features, rather than change them. This leads to the most natural-looking and aesthetically pleasing results. 


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