HydraFacial is a non-invasive skin revitalizing treatment that achieves exfoliation, extraction, hydration, and overall rejuvenation with a single device. It uses patented Vortex-Fusion technology to refresh and revive tired, blemished skin. With customizable, medical-grade products, HydraFacial helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, helping skin to look radiant and energized. It’s also the perfect non-surgical solution to an oily and congested complexion, providing luxurious hydration in the form of specially-formulated serum boosters.

Our skin is a vital barrier against the elements. It has an intricate internal support structure that contains essential molecules, the building blocks for its strength and resilience, which includes collagen. Aging, sun exposure, and stress can reduce the rate of collagen production. What’s more, dead skin cell debris on the surface of the skin can make it appear dull and lifeless. HydraFacial is an efficient, comfortable treatment with effective skin-clearing rejuvenation results. It supports the body’s natural ability to strengthen skin, suctioning clogged pores clean and replenishing lost moisture for a radiant, glowing finish. 

Professional-quality skin care treatments are worthwhile investments patients can make to maintain their natural beauty. Korman Plastic Surgery is proud to offer customizable HydraFacial treatments at our three locations. Call Mountain View at (650) 254-1200, Carmel-By-The-Sea at (831) 656-9331, or San Jose at (408) 831-6229, or simply fill out a form online to book a personal consultation.

What is a HydraFacial?

HydraFacial is a next-level handheld device that hydrates, exfoliates, and extracts impurities from the skin in a multi-step process. Clinically backed for the treatment of all skin types and complexions,[1] HydraFacial addresses a wide range of symptoms, including the following. 

  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Acne
  • Discoloration
  • Oil build-up
  • Clogged pores
  • Dullness
  • Blackheads
  • Dark spots
  • Enlarged pores

How Does HydraFacial Work?

HydraFacial advanced multi-step process starts with the exfoliation of dead skin cells with the help of the special HydroPeel tip. Then, salicylic and glycolic acids break up deeper debris and oils in the skin. The salicylic and glycolic acids used during this phase are gentle enough to avoid irritation but strong enough to prevent the development of oil linked to acne buildup. The third step utilizes higher-powered Vortex-Fusion technology to extract blackheads and remaining impurities and vacuum them away. The final step is the infusion of potent peptides, hyaluronic acids, and antioxidant serums into the skin to provide long-term hydration and replenishment.

HydraFacial is a great treatment for providing a refreshed appearance, but in addition to surface enhancements, it actually works to improve the skin from a deeper level. Studies have found that hydradermabrasion treatments like HydraFacial increase elastin and collagen production. These improve skin elasticity and further help to reduce the appearance of pigmentation and fine lines. [1]

Beautifying Boosters

HydraFacial features a unique four-in-one process, using customizable tips to remove dirt, oil, and dead skin easier and more effectively. Specialized blends of skin-boosting serums are administered during the process. Each phase of the HydraFacial treatment can be further tailored and customized to address a wide range of skin concerns. 

BrightAlive Boost

Best For: dull, discolored skin

The BrightAlive Booster reduces discoloration and enhances skin tone for a glowing, even complexion. The active ingredients are a unique combination of powerful skin brightening agents that control overactive pigmentation factors and help prevent new discoloration.

DermaBuilder Boost

Best For: signs of aging, hydration

DermaBuilder Boost is a super serum combination that reduces fine lines and helps promote good skin elasticity. The active ingredients include a blend of peptides for deep hydrating penetration.

Britenol Boost

Best For: UV-damage, sun spots

Britenol Boost is a great choice for those dealing with discoloration, dark spots, and sun damage. Alpha-Arbutin, Vitamin C antioxidants, and bearberry brighten skin for a beautifully even-toned complexion. [2]


  • Addresses multiple cosmetic concerns
  • Adjustable to meet the needs and tolerance of each patient
  • Improves appearance of blemishes and signs of aging
  • Fast, comfortable and non-invasive
  • Unique multi-tip treatment system
  • Supports skin’s natural ability to strengthen and re-energize
  • Optional serum boost infusions to brighten, hydrate smooth, and calm
  • Rejuvenates skin with no pain and no downtime


The customization capabilities of the HydraFacial system mean that virtually anyone can benefit from this treatment. All skin types and complexions are compatible. [1] Some people simply want to achieve a dewy glow before an important event, while others use this treatment as a preventative measure to keep their skin looking young and bright. HydraFacial can be performed almost anywhere on the body, including the chest and back, so patients can feel confident wearing that low-back dress or going shirtless on the beach. 

Certain skin conditions and health concerns may prevent some patients from receiving a HydraFacial treatment. In particular, if a patient has used accutane to treat acne in the past year, they must wait before getting a HydraFacial. The best way to find out if it’s a good fit is to arrange a personal consultation with us.

Personal Consultation

During a consultation, Dr. Joshua Korman answers any and all questions patients may have about the HydraFacial experience. After conducting a physical examination, he discusses skin issues, blemishes or other areas of concern such as dark spots, enlarged pores, and wrinkles. He then determines which options would be best suited to the needs of the individual. In some instances, Dr. Korman may recommend alternative or complementary skin treatments. Every effort is made to ensure that each patient receives the best treatment appropriate for their needs. We walk our patients through each aspect of the treatment. It is our goal to ensure patients are confident about their treatment and have the best, most invigorating facial possible.


There are minimal preparatory steps to follow before a HydraFacial treatment. Patients should let the office know if they have a sunburn or rash so we make sure to schedule the treatment session after it has resolved. It is also important not to use self-tanners, retinol products, masks, or scrubs one week before the appointment. Lastly, leave the treatment area unwaxed and unshaved a couple of days before the appointment. 


HydraFacial treatments are performed in-office while the patient is awake and resting comfortably. After a thorough cleaning of the treatment area, the HydraFacial applicator is gently passed over the skin, with special attention paid to problem areas and facial contours. 

A mini-peel serum consisting of salicylic and glycolic acid is applied to loosen any stubborn dirt and debris. Vortex-Fusion technology then gently vacuums the loosened dead skin cells, blackheads, and other impurities. The unique HydroPeel tip applies topical serums and booster applications depending on the treatment type chosen. Lastly, antioxidant serums are applied to the skin before a final pass over the entire treatment area.

The experience is soothing and relaxing as the suction invigorates the surface of the skin and the serums provide a cooling sensation. There is no irritation or burning. A single treatment can take as little as half an hour and there is absolutely no downtime afterward. Patients may immediately return to their normal, daily activities after treatment with many choosing to book their HydraFacial treatment during a lunch break or in the middle of their daily routine!


HydraFacial does not call for any recovery time. Many patients actually receive HydraFacial treatment before an important event in order to look refreshed and glowing. Some patients may experience slight redness or pink tone due to an increase in blood circulation, but this will subside within a couple of hours. Makeup can conceal this temporary effect easily. 


HydraFacial treatment results are instantly apparent and long-lasting, provided patients maintain a good skincare regimen. Patients can enjoy clearer, brighter skin, smoother texture, and a more even complexion in one simple procedure. Many people find they get the best long-term results through multiple sessions spaced one month apart. Dr. Korman strongly encourages patients to limit their sun exposure after a treatment to protect their results and maintain their newly refreshed complexion.

Corresponding & Complementary Procedures 

If fine lines and wrinkles are a concern, Botox can be an excellent additional procedure added to a HydraFacial treatment. HydraFacial smooths fine lines as well as initiating elastin and collagen production, while Botox enhances results and prevents further wrinkles from forming. This is achieved by temporarily stopping nerve signals from communication with the muscle, stopping their movement. By stopping the muscle from working, the skin above is allowed to rest so wrinkles cannot form. Botox effects last about four months. [3]

Cost of a HydraFacial in San Jose, CA

The pricing of HydraFacial treatment will vary depending on the treatment course chosen. Every treatment and procedure performed at Korman Plastic Surgery is fully customized based on the patient’s personal goals and aesthetic needs. After a consultation and personal evaluation, a tailored treatment plan is prepared and discussed in detail. Contact our office to schedule a consultation at one of our office locations.

Mountain View (650) 254-1200, Carmel-By-The-Sea at (831) 656-9331, or San Jose at (408) 831-6229

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What can HydraFacial accomplish?

A HydroFacial can address many common skin issues including; clearing oily and congested skin, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, refreshing skin tone, evening out skin texture, reducing dark spots and sun damage, and shrinking large pores.

Are microdermabrasion and hydradermabrasion the same type of treatment?

HydraFacial is a hydradermabrasion treatment. Microdermabrasion and hydradermabrasion are similar in terms of exfoliating abilities, but these treatments are not performed the same. Microdermabrasion emits fine crystals to exfoliate dead skin cells and debris.

Is a HydroFacial better than microdermabrasion?

Although effective, microdermabrasion treatments can be aggressive and uncomfortable for some patients. Hydradermabrasion treatments like HydraFacial use Vortex technology to exfoliate the skin with powerful blasts of hydration and oxygen. [1] The advanced design produces optimizing exfoliating capabilities without sacrificing comfort. 


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