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About Breast Revision

Breast implant surgery, sometimes called breast implant removal and replacement surgery, is a secondary procedure designed for women who have already had primary breast augmentation surgery.

As a general rule, patients who have breast augmentation with implants may need breast revision surgery after 10 years. Additionally, breast revision surgery can be performed in order to remove implants or correct unsatisfactory results from the primary surgery.

Overall, breast revision surgery can be performed to:

  • Change the size, shape, or texture of the implants
  • Replace damaged implants
  • Correct breast asymmetry, implant rippling, or shifts in position
  • Remove the implants

The goal of breast revision surgery is to provide women with proportional, symmetrical, beautiful breasts that they love. As one of the foremost doctors in the greater Bay Area, Dr. Korman is committed to providing women with beautiful results that women will be able to enjoy for years to come.

Good Candidates

Patients who are unhappy with the outcome of their primary breast revision surgery may be good candidates for breast revision surgery with Dr. Korman. Patients may also be experiencing complications due to their breast implants, such as capsular contracture or rupture. The patient may wish to replace their implants with new implants or they may wish to remove their implants completely.

Prior to undergoing surgery, patients should be in good health. This means that they should be at a stable and healthy weight. They should also not smoke or be willing to quit for a certain period of time. Finally, patients should have realistic expectations about their surgical results. No cosmetic surgery will guarantee an automatic rise is self-confidence, although the majority of the time patients do experience an increase in confidence and body image.


There are two basic techniques for breast revision surgery: removal and replacement. Removal involves extracting the implant entirely, while replacement involves changing the current implant out for a new implant.


There are a variety of reasons why women choose to augment their breasts and the reasons for removing their implants are just as vast. The reasons may be aesthetic, medical, or even financial. Whatever the reason, Dr. Korman is one of the most respected doctors in the greater Bay Area and skilled at providing women with breast implant removal results that they love. Breast implant removal is frequently performed in conjunction with a breast lift because the breasts will likely sag following implant removal due to the stretching of skin.

If possible, Dr. Korman will remove the breast implant using the same incision that was used during the primary surgery, in order to avoid further scarring. If necessary, he will remove scar tissue, or the capsule, from around the implant. This is called capsulectomy. Then, he will remove the implant. Saline implants may be deflated prior to extraction.


Breast implant replacement surgery is performed for patients who want or need to replace their implants, either due to complications, including capsular contracture or rupture or because the patient desires a change in the appearance of their implants. The reason for the implant replacement will determine the procedure process. For example, patients who desire smaller implants will likely need to have some excess skin resected during the procedure. In some cases, they may also require a breast lift. Breast fat transfer is an alternative option for women who want to enhance the size and shape of their breasts but without implants.

During the consultation, Dr. Korman will have the opportunity to evaluate the patient and lend his expertise on the best techniques to meet their desired goals.


There are several preparatory requirement breast revision patients must follow in order to help ensure optimal results.

It is important that the patient is in good health to minimize risks during the procedure and recovery. First of all, if the patient smokes, then they will need to quit in advance of the surgery. Smoking affects blood circulation, which leads to a higher risk of complication.

Secondly, patients should stop taking anti-inflammatory medications and supplements, including ibuprofen, aspirin, naproxen, and fish oil pills, two weeks prior to surgery. Dr. Korman may further ask the patient to alter any medications that they are taking. Additionally, a pre-surgery mammogram may be required. Dr. Korman will provide the patient with additional custom preparation instructions in advance.


In general, breast revision surgery is performed on an outpatient basis, meaning the patient will go home on the same day as the procedure. Also, the procedure will likely be performed under general anesthesia. However, depending on the exact complications from the primary surgery, Dr. Korman may make other suggestions.

Breast revision surgery is a highly customized procedure, built around the patient’s needs and goals. Depending on the incision utilized in the primary surgery, Dr. Korman will try and utilize these same incision locations for the revision. Dr. Korman will remove the undesired or faulty implant.

Depending on the patient’s needs, he will make sure the breast pocket is ideal before inserting the new implant. For example, if the patient is experiencing capsular contracture, then he will remove the hardened capsule prior to inserting the new implant.

If the patient wishes to take their implants out altogether, then Dr. Korman may need to perform a secondary procedure.

Performing a secondary procedure will help to make sure that the patient is satisfied with the appearance of their postoperative breasts. Oftentimes, this will mean that he needs to perform a breast lift since the implant has stretched out the surrounding skin and tissue.

In other cases, he may perform a breast augmentation fat transfer to add a moderate amount of volume back to the breasts. Any extra procedures that the patient may require will be discussed in advance.

At the end of the procedure, Dr. Korman will close the incisions. The patient will then be wrapped and bandaged and taken to a recovery room. Our knowledgeable staff will be around the patient to monitor them as they wake up from the anesthesia. Once it is okay for them to be released, they should have another responsible adult there to drive them home.


Recovery from breast revision surgery will be comparable to recovery from primary breast augmentation surgery. For the first couple weeks following surgery, patients can expect common symptoms such as bruising, swelling, stiffness, and discomfort.

Dr. Korman will provide patients with prescription painkillers in order to help alleviate discomfort, which should be filled prior to the surgery date.

Patients will also be outfitted with compression garments that will assist in the patient’s recovery. These should be worn for the appropriate amount of time, as directed by Dr. Korman. In addition to recovery instructions, he will give the patient arm exercises similar to primary breast augmentation to help speed along the healing process. Patients will meet with the doctor for post-operative visits to make sure that they are healing accordingly.


The consultation is the basis for the breast revision process. It is both about Dr. Korman getting to know the patient and the patient getting to know Dr. Korman; communication is of paramount importance.

The consultation will begin with Dr. Korman asking the patient about their primary breast augmentation procedure. The patient should bring any pertinent medical records about their primary breast augmentation with them to the consultation. Dr. Korman will furthermore ask the patient why they are considering breast revision and what are their goals for the outcome of surgery. He will inform the patient more about the breast revision process. After performing a physical examination and analyzing his findings, he will use his expertise to recommend what revision techniques he would utilize and whether or not the patient’s goals can reasonably be achieved.

For the best possible consultation, Dr. Korman recommends that the patient comes with any questions they may have about breast revision, preparation, recovery, or even additional procedures that are of interest. The goal of the consultation is to make sure that the patient feels fully informed and confident in making their decision to have a breast revision.


As previously mentioned, breast revision surgery is a highly customizable procedure that will uniquely vary from patient to patient. Factors such as new implants, additional procedures, and anesthesia will all affect the cost. For these reasons, it is important that the patient come in for a consultation prior to receiving a price estimate. At the end of the consultation, once Dr. Korman has had the opportunity to design a customized surgical plan, he will be able to provide the patient with a price quote. Please keep in mind that the patient may incur excess costs if they choose to combine breast revision with additional cosmetic treatments.

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