The Procedure

As with any medical procedure, it is imperative for your doctor to properly examine, diagnose, and determine what, if any surgery will benefit you. For instance, if you skin is firm but you only have fat deposits, you might benefit from liposuction, or even noninvasive coolsculpting.

Many women start to notice that their legs don’t look like they once did. No matter how many leg lifts and squats you do, and how well you eat, skin of the inner thigh loosens up with time. This can result from weight loss, age, or genetics. The saggy skin can make you look older and not comfortable wearing tighter pants, let alone dresses. This is why an inner thigh lift is becoming an increasingly popular surgery, with an increase of 68% since 2000, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

An inner thigh lift is meant to recontour the legs, firm the skin, and give that much desired “thigh gap.” As we age, our skin begins to sag, which can give the appearance of wrinkled and excess skin on the thighs. The proper treatment for sagging skin of the inner thigh is to support the deeper layers in the tissues and remove the extra skin. But skin, like many other material, has a certain amount of elasticity. If you just pull hard on the skin, it will soon stretch out. For that reason, it is important is to separate the skin from the muscle, remove fat and soft tissue, and then pull on the supporting deeper layers overlying the muscle and remove the extra skin. This results in a more shapely and contoured leg that will continue to look good over time.

Before and After Photos

Reasons for Inner Thigh Lift

Inner thigh lift surgery is an increasingly common surgery that helps to restore a more supple appearance to the inner thighs and legs. A thigh lift can be performed two ways: a short incision medial thigh lift (inner thigh lift) and a standard incision inner thigh lift. Many women choose to have an inner thigh lift with a combination of Liposuction to remove fat deposits, while smoothing and reshaping the legs. Another option is the inner thigh lift in combination with the Outer Thigh Liposuction, to remove fat deposits, while contouring both the outer and inner thigh. The former is more invasive, and not all patients are candidates for the trifecta surgery. Dr. Korman will discuss if any of the treatments or a combination of treatments is right for you.

As a top West Coast plastic surgeon, Dr. Korman will determine if inner thigh lift surgery is the most advantageous surgery for your body type and desired results. The doctor will not only examine the thigh area, but will also access your overall health, and discuss with you any concerns you might have, before determining if inner thigh surgery or its alternatives are ideal for you.

Ideal Candidates for Inner Thigh Surgery

  • Individuals who currently exercise and eat well
  • Individuals with sagging, excess skin along the inner thigh
  • Massive weight loss patients ( those who have lost over 100lbs)

Types of Inner Thigh Lift

Inner Thigh Lift

The inner thigh lift begins with an incision at where the thigh meets the pubic area. During the out-patient surgery, the muscle is moved away from the skin, then fat and soft tissue removed, supporting fascia is attached to a tendon in the groin, and finally excess skin is trimmed. The skin is the draped over the area, leaving a tighter and contoured thigh. The surgery will also improve skin elasticity.

Inner Thigh Lift and Liposuction

In addition to an inner thigh lift, many women choose to include liposuction. Liposuction, the most popular cosmetic surgery, “sucks” the fat out of your body. While the incision is the same, starting where the thigh and pubic area meet, liposuction offers additional benefits to the traditional inner thigh lift, by removing more fat deposits.

Inner Thigh Lift, Outer Thigh Lift, and Liposuction

Some people desire to have an inner thigh lift with a combination of an outer thigh lift, and liposuction. The incision for this procedure differs. The incision begins at the top of the leg and runs to your frontal pubic area. This procedure will trim excess skin, fat, and wrinkled skin from the top and inner thigh. This is especially beneficial to those who have lost a significant amount of weight.

Alternatives to Inner Thigh Lift

The inner thigh lift is the most effective way to create a smoother, more shapely thigh. However, since some patients may not be at a stable weight, or their skin does not sag in around the thighs, or for health reasons, here are alternatives.

  • Laser Skin Tightening: Laser Skin Tightening is a non-surgical procedure that helps to produce collagen production in the thighs in order to reduce the appearance of loose skin and muscles, but this non-invasive procedure will not help with drooping skin. Lasers are a gradual process, and generally require several visits to receive optimal results.
  • Creams and Lotions: Creams and lotions are meant for those with minimal skin loosening. They work by acting as a slight tightening agent to your thighs. These are generally the least expensive, with the most minimal results. These are not recommended to change the appearance of fat or sagging skin; however, after inner thigh surgery, if recommended by Dr. Korman, topical creams and lotions may be used to help keep the thigh area firmer.
  • Buttock Lift: A buttock lift is meant for those with sagging skin around the buttocks. This surgical procedure will lift the buttocks and can give the appearance of shapelier thighs.

What To Expect During The Consultation

During the consultation, Dr. Korman will examine your upper leg and the appearance of your thigh and leg skin. He will explain the details of the surgery to you, so you know to expect the days prior to your surgery, the actual surgery day, and what to do after. The doctor is open to and encourages any questions and concerns you might have about your appearance or undergoing surgery.


Inner thigh lift procedures are performed under general anesthesia using Board Certified Anesthesiologists. Expect the surgery to take anywhere from two to four hours.

Dr. Korman’s fine surgical skills allow him to find the most discrete place near your thigh and pubic area for incision, to ensure minimal scarring. After surgery, the doctor will close the incision area and apply a dressing to protect from infection.

Expected Results of Inner Thigh Lift

Inner thigh lift surgical results may show immediately; however, optimal results will take a few weeks, due to swelling. Scarring will be minimal due to Dr. Korman’s ultra-fine incision technique and sutures. The thigh will appear thinner, more shapely, and the skin on the upper leg will appear less wrinkled once the body has healed from surgery.

To maintain results, you will want to continue to eat right and exercise regularly. You will also want to consult with Dr. Korman periodically to ensure optimal long term results are maintained.

Recovery from an Inner Thigh Lift

It is encouraged that you avoid alcohol and aspirin in the week after surgery, so that you do not thin your blood and increase bruising.

After inner thigh lift surgery, you should wear light dressings and compression bandages to help reduce swelling and bruising. If there is excess drainage, thin tubes will be inserted under the skin to drain excess bodily fluids. Depending on the placement of the suture, they will either be removed by Dr. Korman or will naturally dissolve. Generally, within seven to ten days, patients are able to return to work and other normal activities.

During this recovery time, a friend, family member, or at-home care person should help you with daily activities, as you will want to remain in either a reclining or standing position to help the healing process move along faster. You are encouraged to walk to increase circulation; however, you are not to sit in a position that creates a lap posture, as it can affect the results.

You will want to follow the doctor’s personalized instructions for the fastest recovery, as well as contact Dr. Korman if you have any concerns. Within the first week of surgery you will return to the doctor’s office for a follow-up. At this time, the doctor may provide any instructions to increase the speed of healing.


The costs of an inner thigh lift can vary based on your specific needs. Dr. Korman’s consultation will provide costs for each procedure.