Mountain View residents wishing to remove the appearance of fine lines or deep to moderate wrinkles on the brow should consider contacting Dr. Korman for Dysport® injections. Dysport® is an amazing injectable that helps erase frown lines. It’s administered to five major points on the forehead where there is frequent muscle contraction. This amazing treatment allows patients to experience a smooth forehead within 10 to 20 minutes of the injection.

Dr. Korman highly recommends this to Mountain View patients with deep frown lines. Dysport® sometimes produces results that last longer than other injectables because the formula disperses further from the point of injection. This is an amazing way to get rid of the tired, stressed and aged appearance that you may be experiencing.

Contact Dr. Korman’s Mountain View facility to schedule an appointment with our qualified, caring staff. We are eager to help you achieve the tight, youthful appearance you desire.