Having a flat, “pancake,” or small butt can make women feel less attractive. Some women feel especially uncomfortable if their butt does not fill out jeans or bathing suit bottoms.

Most women feel as though they are stuck with the butt they were born with, or perhaps have become unhappy with the shape or size due to aging or after pregnancies. Dr. Korman is able to boost your confidence about your butt with a Buttocks Augmentation. With this procedure, the shape, firmness, roundness, and size can be altered to create a butt that suits your physical wishes.

What is a Buttocks Augmentation?

The way in which Dr. Korman approaches a Buttocks Augmentation varies depending on the exact desires of the patient. In some cases, patients benefit from liposuction to remove unwanted fat. Dr. Korman is able to give his patients a round, firm butt with the use of implants or micro-fat grafting as well. With implants, an incision is made hidden between the buttocks. Micro-fat grafting uses fat from another part of the patient’s body to reconstruct and sculpt the butt. To decide which option would best fit your cosmetic goal, contact one of our 3 offices to schedule a consultation.

What is Fat Transfer for Buttocks?

Not only will Fat Transfer via liposuction improve the size of the buttocks, but can help lift a sagging behind.

Fat Transfer for Buttocks, also known as fat grafting, butt injections, or the Brazilian Butt Lift, can use your natural fat from one area of your body to create a shapelier and fuller bottom. Dr. Joshua Korman uses the fat and stem cells from one area and injects them into your butt.

Dr. Korman will choose an area of your body that has good “donor” fat. Usually these areas come from the lower back, hips, thighs or stomach. The fat is generally removed by liposuction from a minimum two areas to get the appropriate amount to transfer the fat to the buttocks. This process has a two-fold benefit: 1) a larger, shapelier buttocks through butt injections; and 2) a slimmer body in the areas that surround the buttocks to enhance your new fuller butt.

Candidates for Buttocks Augmentation

  • Loss of volume in the buttocks
  • Have a flat or unshapely buttocks
  • Moderate sagging in the buttocks
  • At least 18 years of age
  • In good health
  • Non-smoker
  • Understand the limitations and realities of buttocks augmentation
  • How is Buttocks Augmentation Performed?

    Buttock Augmentation uses either fat grafting via liposuction (butt injections) or silicone implants to augment the size of the buttocks. If you choose to have Buttock Augmentation with an implant, an incision is made either on the top or bottom crease of the buttocks, between both cheeks in the crease, or down the center of the sacrum. The length of the incision depends on which area of the buttocks the implant is inserted through. The specially made silicone gluteal implant is inserted either in or above the muscle. This is determined by Dr. Korman keeping in mind factors such as implant size and body type. After insertion sutures are then applied to close the incision.

    When Dr. Joshua Korman performs fat transfer via liposuction, he makes a small incision in the desired donor area, fat is removed, and then the fat is placed in a centrifuge to separate and concentrate the mature stem cells from the fat and other fluids. The use of autologous stem cells (your own cells) lessens the chance of reabsorption, the reason for this being stem cells are regenerative and help to stimulate fat growth in the butt. It also gives the appearance of healthier looking skin, when injected. Once the fat and stems cells are concentrated, they are then mixed back together and grafted into your buttocks through injection.

    Butt injections do not show their full results for about a full month as it takes time for the stems cells and fat to regenerate into the butt. Fat transfer via liposuction gives the most natural look to the butt.

    Alternatives to Buttocks Augmentation

    Buttocks Augmentation is the most effective way to have a fuller buttocks. While you can have a butt lift to help with improve a drooping butt, there is not an alternative to butt implants.

    Dr. Joshua Korman does not use any other type of injection into the butt other than fat transfer, the reason being synthetic injections can be harmful to the body. If you have a full butt, but it droops, here is the alternative for you:

    Buttock Lift

    Buttock lift, also known as a traditional excisional butt lift, is meant for those who have lost a significant amount of weight, or through age their butt sag. Dr. Korman makes his incision in a place that you can best hide the scar, then excess fat and skin are removed, to achieve a firmer, lifted behind. A butt lift will not increase the volume of the buttocks.\

    What to Expect Following A Buttocks Augmentation

    Fat transfer via liposuction or butt implant procedures will require downtime for about two weeks. While this is the general downtime, every woman heals differently.

    Dr. Korman will explain in detail for you what to expect during the recovery process. He creates an individual plan for each patient based on the procedure performed and other factors such as age and predisposition to scarring. The doctor stresses to his patients to let his staff or him know of any questions or concerns following the procedure.

    If you have fat grafting via liposuction, your results will not be as immediate as having an implant. It generally takes about two to three months for the fat grafting to settle properly into place.

    Immediately after this procedure, patients should avoid sitting or lying on their butt. Also, a compression bandage should be worn to speed healing and reduce any swelling or bruising that may occur. The postoperative recovery of a Buttocks Augmentation can be discussed further at a consultation with Dr. Korman.

    Before and After Photos


    This procedure can be done in conjunction with a thigh lift if the patient is looking to rejuvenate their entire lower body. If this is done, the price will vary, so it is best to schedule an appointment with Dr. Korman for more details.