Over time, you may have noticed an increased sagging, wrinkles, sunken cheekbones and loss of elasticity in your face. It can be depressing as you realize the damage that gravity, sun, and genetics has had on your beauty; however, Dr. Korman has the ability to reverse these signs. Facelifts can take 10 to 15 years off of your appearance as it lifts and rejuvenates the face. If you are interested in discussing your options for this procedure, contact Dr. Korman at his Mountain View facility to address your candidacy and any questions or concerns you may have.

What is a Facelift?

The term ‘facelift’ can sometimes be confusing. Dr. Korman performs both minimal incision facelifts and standard incision facelifts. In a standard facelift incision, Dr. Korman begins this procedure by making an incision behind and in front of the ear, carrying up to the scalp. The incision will be made within the natural folds of the face to minimize scarring. The facial skin will then be pulled out as it is loosened from the underlying tissue. At this point, Dr. Korman trims the excess tissue and skin that is causing sagging. The skin and tissue will then be tightened and realigned, rejuvenating the face. Tiny sutures will be used to close the incision after the approximately 2 to 5 hour procedure.

What to Expect Following a Facelift?

Heavy dressing will be applied to the face for the first 24-hours, but this will soon be replaced by a lighter covering. Mountain View patients typically experience swelling and possibly bruising while recovering. Dr. Korman may recommend drainage tubes for excess fluids, and the head should be kept elevated following the procedure. In about 3 weeks, patients should be able to resume normal activity. For more information about the recovery process of a facelift, contact Dr. Korman’s Mountain View office.

What is the Cost of a Facelift in Mountain View, California?

Dr. Korman will be able to assess the cost of your facelift upon meeting with you and assessing the extent of surgery required to achieve maximum results. Patient financing is offered to our patients. Contact our Mountain View office today to schedule a consultation.