The abdomen is one of the most common sources of unwanted fat (and frustration!) on the body.

Thankfully, there is now a convenient, pain-free solution to stomach flab: Abdominal CoolSculpting.

CoolSculpting is the most popular non-invasive fat elimination treatment in the world because it WORKS. The treatment is based on science that targets unwanted fat cells and breaks them down, all in only 35 minutes! An Abdominal CoolSculpting session is so comfortable and convenient, you can freeze your stomach fat during your lunch break. No downtime is necessary after CoolSculpting!

If you have not been able to achieve the slim, toned stomach you want with diet and exercise, Abdominal CoolSculpting can help you finally achieve the midsection you want. Contact our helpful staff to learn more about the benefits of Abdominal CoolSculpting today!

Abdominal CoolSculpting

Do you have frustrating belly fat? You are not alone! Jiggle in the middle is a common problem: even very active, healthy individuals can have a tummy “pooch.” The abdomen is known for subcutaneous fat, a type of fat that is notoriously resistant to diet and exercise. Thanks to CoolSculpting, now men and women can slim down their belly fat without discomfort or downtime.

Abdominal CoolSculpting is a completely non-invasive fat elimination option. If you have stubborn stomach fat, CoolSculpting achieves a smoother, skinnier abdominal contour, without interrupting your busy schedule!

An Abdominal CoolSculpting session takes only 35 minutes. Your stomach will receive targeted, cold temperatures during your session. Most patients watch a show, read a book, or hold a conversation while their CoolSculpting applicator sits snugly on their stomach. Your unwanted fat cells will begin breaking down as you sit comfortably under the applicator. Once the session is complete, one of our CoolSculpting specialists will massage your abdomen. This step has proven to improve fat breakdown. You will be able to get right back to your day after your stomach CoolSculpting without issue!


Your body will eliminate the broken down fat from your system over the weeks following Abdominal CoolSculpting. Within six to eight weeks, your stomach will be noticeably slimmer!


A single CoolSculpting session has shown to eliminate 20-30% of fat from a targeted area. Most patients achieve the slim, flat abdominal contours they want within three to six CoolSculpting sessions.

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The Science Behind CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is based on a phenomenon observed in children who ate popsicles: the cold temperatures against their cheeks made it more likely for these children to develop dimples. Harvard scientists have since concluded that fat cells, when exposed to targeted cold temperatures, undergo cell death. CoolSculpting, also known as cryolipolysis, applies cold temperatures to the external body where stubborn pockets of fat are located. The cold successfully causes the fat cells in the area to break down, while the surrounding tissues are unharmed. The broken-down fat is then disposed of from the body over the weeks following CoolSculpting.


Once these fat cells are broken down and disposed of, they are gone completely.


Men and women who practice healthy eating and an active lifestyle will enjoy their slimmest, most defined abdominal contours for years following their CoolSculpting.

If you are looking for a long-term solution to fat that refuses to respond to diet and exercise, CoolSculpting will eliminate your fat without interrupting your busy schedule.

Your best body IS possible: take advantage of the convenience of Abdominal CoolSculpting to finally achieve the flat stomach you’ve been dreaming of!

Benefits of Abdominal CooSculpting

Thousands of men and women around the world have slimmed down their stomachs with the help of CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting is the number one non-invasive way to eliminate fat from the abdomen because:

  • It eliminates 20-30% of targeted fat in a single treatment.
  • The treatment is quick. CoolSculpting fights your fat in only 35 minutes!
  • The treatment is comfortable. No need for incisions, no worrying about scarring.
  • It will finally get rid of the fat hiding your toned abdominals.
  • It breaks down your fat while you work, eat, and sleep.
  • The treatment is customized to your body and unique goals.
  • It achieves long-lasting changes!

Patients also have the option of Dual Sculpting to save time and double the effectiveness of your treatment. You can CoolSculpt your abdomen at the same time as your arms, thighs, or chin to achieve optimum slimming of your entire body contour.


Abdominal CoolSculpting is designed to help men and women in overall good shape to achieve their preferred body contours. Abdominal CoolSculpting is a great option for men and women who only have a few pounds to go and feel ready to get rid of the remaining fat concealing their toned physique. It is not intended to be used as an alternative to a healthy diet and exercise regimen. Candidates are advised to complete the majority of their weight loss plan before receiving CoolSculpting.

You are an excellent candidate for Abdominal CoolSculpting if you:

  • Are in overall good health
  • Are at a stable weight
  • Are over 18
  • Have pinchable stomach fat or visible jiggle
  • Struggle to achieve a flat, toned abdomen
  • Have healthy skin laxity
  • Have a busy schedule
  • Have an open but realistic expectation of the outcomes achievable with the treatment


All candidates for Abdominal CoolSculpting will receive a private consultation with Dr. Joshua Korman. Dr. Korman is a CoolSculpting expert who takes pride in achieving beautiful, slim body contours for his patients. He will walk you through the treatment in detail to help you feel confident in your options. If you have any questions about CoolSculpting or other treatments we provide, please do not hesitate to ask!

During your private consultation, Dr. Korman will assess your abdominal fat and discuss your goals for your appearance with you. He will also discuss your health history and current medication use to make sure CoolSculpting is your best, most appropriate option.


If, after his assessment, Dr. Korman believes you will achieve your desired results with an alternative procedure, he will share his professional opinion with you.


For example, while CoolSculpting is an excellent fat-fighting solution, it achieves minimal skin tightening. Patients who have lax abdominal skin may be better qualified for an alternative procedure, such as a tummy tuck, lower body lift, or another procedure that emphasizes skin tightening.

Patients who desire a specific abdominal contour and can afford to take a few days off are encouraged to ask about the impressive, long-lasting results Dr. Korman achieves with liposuction. VASER liposuction is an advanced liposuction technology that enables Dr. Korman to achieve the final results of a full CoolSculpting regimen in a single surgery, as well as contour the abdominal muscles into a more toned, defined shape.

To learn more about how CoolSculpting can effectively and conveniently transform your tummy bulge into a flat, smooth appearance, schedule an appointment with Dr. Korman today.

Abdominal CoolSculpting: What to Expect

An Abdominal CoolSculpting treatment is quick, comfortable, and completely non-invasive. No preparation is necessary! Simply arrive for your session and take a seat in one of our comfortable CoolSculpting treatment chairs. Your abdomen will be cleansed and a topical gel will be applied to your stomach.

Your chosen CoolSculpting applicator will next be applied to the appropriate area of your abdomen. The applicator you receive will depend on the location of your fat (upper versus lower abdomen), the amount of your fat, and the results you are trying to achieve. Dr. Korman will recommend the most appropriate CoolSculpting applicator for you during your private consultation. We most frequently see the best abdominal contours from the CoolAdvantage Applicator with interchangeable contours or the CoolAdvantage Plus Applicator, which treats a larger amount of fat at once. Some patients will be treated with two small applicators at once to accommodate the contours of the abdomen.

Once the appropriate applicator is in place, the applicator will suction to the skin to guarantee accurate treatment. The applicator will emit targeted cold temperatures onto the stomach fat, while the surrounding skin is heated to a comfortable temperature.

Some patients say that they feel the cold temperatures for the first few minutes, but do not experience any discomfort. Once the applicator is removed, your treated area will be massaged to improve fat breakdown.

Your CoolSculpting session will be completed within 35 minutes. You will be able to return to your day immediately after your treatment!!

After CoolSculpting

No downtime is required following Abdominal CoolSculpting. Your body will continue to break down and flush out your broken down fat over the weeks following your treatment.

Your stomach may be red, swollen, or tender after your session. These conditions are normal and will subside within a few days.

If you have any questions following Abdominal CoolSculpting, please do not hesitate to contact us!


You will see a reduction in the size of your tummy flab within three weeks of Abdominal CoolSculpting. Your results will continue to improve for two to six months following your treatment.

You will see a 20-30% reduction in your stomach fat following CoolSculpting! Future CoolSculpting treatments will further improve results.

It is recommended to wait six to eight weeks before receiving another CoolSculpting treatment.


The price of your Abdominal CoolSculpting treatment will depend on the details of your personalized CoolSculpting plan. The treatment area, applicator you choose, and the number of treatments you anticipate receiving will all impact treatment pricing. Patients will receive an appropriate pricing quote once they have customized their CoolSculpting procedure with Dr. Korman.

CoolSculpting(R) is FDA-cleared to treat visible fat bulges in 9 areas of the body. Some common side effects include temporary numbness, discomfort, and swelling.