When a woman’s breasts have decreased in size due to childbirth, breastfeeding, age, or a mastectomy, it can decrease her confidence. And some women are just naturally less endowed than they deem appropriate for their body type. Having the breast size you desire can create the look you desire, and a fuller, more voluptuous figure.

Whether you are looking to bump up a cup size or want to take a big leap with your breast size, Dr. Korman is here to help you look your best. Our patients love the increased confidence they feel about their breasts after this procedure and how natural their new breasts appear. If you wish to increase the size of your breasts, Dr. Korman is able to assist you in choosing the perfect size to suit your desires and your body. All of this can be discussed at a consultation with Dr. Korman at his Mountain View office.

What is a Breast Augmentation

To begin making all of the necessary decisions for your breast augmentation, contact our Mountain View office today.

Breast Augmentation, also known as Mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure that utilizes different types of implants to increase the size of the breast. Breast Augmentation is meant to create a larger cup size and can resolve minimal to significant sagging in the breasts. Many patients choose to have a Breast Lift at the same time as breast augmentation, to not only create a fuller breast, but to lift, remove excess skin, and align asymmetrical breasts.

Two types of implants that are used most often are saline and silicone gel implants. Many women have chosen saline implants because of their fear that silicone implants my leak. However, saline may not offer as natural a feel as silicone implants. With technological advances in breast augmentation, silicone implants have increased in usage due to thicker silicone shells housing the silicone gel, making leakage less of a possibility. If you’re interested in using silicone for that natural look, but have concerns, Dr. Joshua Korman will discuss with you your options.

At your initial consultation, Dr. Korman will work with you to choose the perfect size breasts for you, and he will also help you decide if the implants should be placed above or below your pectoral muscle. This depends on the patient’s body and cosmetic goal. The incision will be made around the lower half of the areola, through the armpit, or under the breast and then the saline or silicone implant will be placed. All of this will be decided with Dr. Korman before the actual procedure. The entire breast augmentation usually takes 1 hour.

Candidates For Breast Augmentation Surgery

  • Have smaller breast size than desired
  • Asymmetrical breasts
  • Undergone a mastectomy
  • General health is good
  • Non-smoker

Types of Breast Augmentation Incisions

Breast Augmentation incisions are based on the size of the implant and your body type.

Peri-areolar Incision

Peri-areolar incision is a semi-circular incision around the areola. This is usually done with a moderate increase in size.

Inframammary Incision

Inframammary Incision is linear incision under the breast. Usually this is done with silicone breast implants; however this procedure may also be done based on your body type or the size of the implant.

Trans-axillary Incision

Trans-axillary Incision is done through the armpit. For women who are known to scar easily, this may be the best place to make an incision.


Before and After Photos

Types of Breast Augmentation Implants

As with incision type, the type of implant used is based upon your body type, desired result, and preference.

Saline Implants

Saline Implants are silicone shells filled with sterilized salt water. The shell is inserted empty and then filled once it has been implanted into the breast.

Silicone Implants

Silicone Implants are already filled shells with a silicone gel. This type of implant gives a more natural feel than saline implants. You need to be at least 22 years of age to receive this type of implant.

Gummy Bear Implant

Gummy Bear Implants are a tear drop shaped implant. This type of implant is similar to silicone implants, because both are pre-filled, but the gummy bear implant has a thicker gel. The benefit of the thicker gel is it less likely to leak, the downside of the gel is it can feel firmer than a traditional silicone implant.

Fat Transfer

Fat Transfer utilizes your own fat donated from one area of your body (i.e. thighs, stomach, and buttocks) and grafted to your breasts. This is done via liposuction. Once the fat from the “donor” area has been sucked out of your body it is placed in a centrifuge where the fat deposits and stem cells are separated. Dr. Korman then uses only the most viable deposits and reintroduces them to the stem cells. They are then inserted into your breasts. This is the most natural breast augmentation that you can have, but it will not increase your cup size dramatically.


Types of Silicone Shell Breast Augmentation Implants

Round Breast Implant

Round Implants are circular, and create the fullest appearance. Due to the shape, if the implants shifts it usually maintains its shape and is not noticeable.

Tear Drop Implant

Tear Drop Implants are shaped like a tear drop, with a rounder bottom of the implant than the top. This type of implant is generally used with the gummy bear breast implant.

Smooth Breast Implant

Smooth Breast Implants have a smooth texture to the implant and create the most natural feel. However, due to the smooth texture the implants can show ripples that are visible. This type of implant is not recommended if you have thin skin.

Textured Breast Implant

Textured Breast Implants are thicker and have a textured pattern on the silicone shell. They work by creating scar tissue inside the breast. This holds the breast in place, and can prevent tight scar capsule (when the breast implant hardens or becomes misshapen.

Alternatives to Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation offers the best results when you want to increase the size of your breasts. However, for some women, an alternative may be the better option.

  • Botox Injections: Botox Injection (botulinum toxin) is a cosmetic procedure that immobilizes the targeted muscle. While it does not increase the size of your breast, this non-surgical procedure can give a temporary lift to the breasts. This is meant for those who have minimal sagging or asymmetry. Botox injections will not significantly lift the breasts.
  • Breform Internal Bra: The Breform Internal Bra is an internal bra that lifts the breasts. It is a mesh-like bra that is implanted into the body. This procedure can take longer to perform (up to four hours), and is meant for women who already have some mass to their breasts but just need a lift.

What To Expect During The Consultation

During your consultation at the Mountain View office, Dr. Joshua Korman will explain the different breast implant types, incisions, and silicone shells, whether an over or under the muscles implant will benefit you, and address any alternatives that might be right for you.

The doctor will discuss with you which breast augmentation incision and implant type he deems will benefit you the most for your desired result. He will show you the different implants, let you hold them, so that you get a better understanding of the feel of each implant. Dr. Korman will also show you before and after pictures of the different types of breast augmentation, so that you are able to see not only the size increase, but also typical scarring.

Dr. Korman will also discuss additional benefits potentially offered by breast augmentation.

As with any procedure, the doctor will do an overall health examination to determine if you are healthy enough to undergo surgery. He will also examine the breasts for elasticity and size. Once it is determined that breast augmentation is appropriate for you, he then will explain what you should expect the days before, the day of, and the days after the surgery.


Most patients are sent home the same day after surgery.

The breast augmentation procedure is generally done in an hour’s times. You will be given either a local or general anesthesia, and the doctor will make the desired incision, insert the implant above or under the muscle, center the implant, and close the incision. If you have chosen to go with fat transfer via liposuction, Dr. Joshua Korman will remove the fat from your donor area and then graft it to the breast. After surgery, the doctor will apply a dressing to the area to help prevent infection.

What to Expect Following a Breast Augmentation?

Following your breast augmentation, a surgical bra should be worn to aid the breasts in healing. There may be slight swelling or bruising in the first month following the procedure, but usually normal activity can resume in about 2 weeks. For further information on what to expect following your breast augmentation, call Dr. Korman at his Mountain View practice today.

What is the Cost of a Breast Augmentation?

The cost of this procedure varies depending on the necessary surgery required. In addition, the price can be affected if the patient chooses to do a breast lift at the same time.

To assess the cost of your procedure, contact Dr. Korman’s Mountain View office.