More and more men are enjoying the results of cosmetic procedures when diet and exercise cannot produce the desired results. Dr. Korman is able to tailor his procedures to the male body to achieve maximum results that leave Mountain View men looking and feeling incredible about their new body. These procedures can benefit the face, body or breast, depending on the specific needs of the patient.

Some of the procedures offered to men by Dr. Korman are eyelid tucks, minimal incision face lifts, male breast reduction (for gynecomastia), body lifts, otoplasty, ab etching, and liposuction. This gives men the chance to have the body or face they have always wanted with the help of a surgeon who is highly experienced in working on the male body.

Spend some time reading about the procedures Dr. Korman offers specifically to men before scheduling your consultation at his Mountain View facility. Waste no more time worrying about the appearance of your body, face, or chest, and begin considering all of your options with cosmetic procedures.