If you are unhappy with the contours of your face or wish to remove fine lines and wrinkles, then fat injections are an amazing option. To be a good candidate for this, Dr. Korman requires that the patient has enough fat on their abdomen, buttocks or other body part to harvest for the injections. The fat will be removed from the stomach, butt or thighs and injected into the target area. Fat injections can help fill-out hollow cheekbones and smooth away wrinkles, without inserting a foreign substance.

The entire procedure lasts 30 to 90 minutes. Mountain View patients typically experience results for a year or less. Dr. Korman can perform fat injections more than once to create the supple skin once more. Patients love the contours of their face and the smooth, wrinkle-free appearance they have upon completion of their fat injections.

Dr. Korman is excited to meet with you and discuss your candidacy for fat injections at his Mountain View facility. Contact us today to setup a consultation to address any questions or concerns with this procedure.