Bellafill® is an outstanding dermal filler that helps increase the skin’s collagen to erase smile lines, and can also aid in the reduction or removal of acne scars and wrinkles. Dr. Korman inserts this gel dermal filler directly below the wrinkle, creating a stable structure and smoothing the area. Our patients have consistently sung praises about this injectable because the results are long-lasting and natural. The active ingredients in Bellafill interact with your skin natural structures, infusing collagen to naturally replenish your skin’s elasticity and perkiness.

This dermal filler lasts longer than others on the market and produces consistently amazing results. Smooth skin with increased elasticity appears within the first week or two following the injection. With Bellafill, you achieve long-term results fast.

If you are tired of dealing with the maintenance that other injectables require and desire full, tight skin year-round, consider Bellafill® injections by Dr. Korman. Contact Korman Plastic Surgery to schedule an appointment today.

About Bellafill

If you are looking for long-lasting improvement for your facial aging symptoms, Bellafill offers a solution! Bellafill is an excellent dermal filler that can treat aging signs, acne scars, and depressed areas of the face. This simple injectable treatment is convenient and will give you instant results!

Bellafill is a dermal filler that is composed of collagen. Throughout the collagen gel are suspended polymethyl methacrylate, or PMMA, microspheres. The combination of collagen and PMMA microspheres helps to stimulate natural collagen growth in the skin.

Bellafill will leave your skin firmer and healthier than when it was first applied by improving the long-term health of your skin. With increased levels of collagen, your skin will naturally improve and help keep Bellafill results for a while. Bellafill has improved the appearance and life of many patients!

Unlike other dermal fillers, Bellafill provides long-lasting results. Bellafill can last up to five years, keeping wrinkles like smile lines from developing further! Bellafill is also FDA-approved to fill in acne scars for a long time! Whether you are concerned about pimple scars or acne holes, Bellafill treatment will leave your skin soft and smooth for years!


Bellafill is a revolutionary filler! The most noted advantage of Bellafill is how long it lasts. The longevity of the filler makes it stand out amongst all dermal fillers. You will see your results without having to worry about maintenance appointments every few months. This simple solution to wrinkles and scarring will improve your appearance and your life!

Enjoy a convenient improvement to your face that does not take long to apply and will give you instant results!


Men and women who have wrinkles, lines, deep acne scars, or acne marks may be excellent candidates for Bellafill. If you are concerned about the quality of your skin and are interested in injectable treatment, Bellafill is a great option. If you would like to learn more about this revolutionary dermal filler, schedule a consultation with us today!

Personal Consultation with Anti Wrinkle Treatment Specialist

During your private consultation, you will have the opportunity to meet with one of our skincare experts. They will listen while you explain your facial concerns and describe your interest in Bellafill. The skin care specialist will examine your face and pay particular attention to the concerning areas. They will ask about your skincare routine, medications, past treatments, and general health. This information will help them gauge if Bellafill is the best option for you!

Our goal is for each of our patients to be educated about their treatment and feel confident in their choices. Some great questions to start off with may include:

  • How long will Bellafill last in my particular case?
  • How long will the Bellafill treatment take?
  • Will I need maintenance appointments?
  • Can Bellafill be used as a scar filler anywhere on my body?
  • Can I see before-and-after photos of previous patients?
  • What can I do to make sure my Bellafill results last a long time?

These are just a few questions to help stimulate some of your own thoughts or concerns. We encourage you to write your concerns down and bring it to the consultation. Before you leave, you and the skin care specialist will walk through the overall plan for treatment and discuss how to best prepare for it.


Bellafill is a minimally-invasive technique that does not require much preparation. There are a few steps you can take to ensure you have the most positive experience possible. Stop taking antihistamines and smoking to ensure your skin and blood circulation is healthy for the treatment. Certain blood-thinning medications may need to be altered or halted leading up to your appointment. Do not tan or undergo any facial treatments before your procedure.

Get a good night’s rest before your appointment and stay hydrated. Arrive at your appointment a few minutes early to ensure you have a restful morning.


When the treatment is done, you will be able to return to your regular day.

Your makeup will be removed from the treatment area and your skin will be cleaned. A topical anesthetic will be applied to make your treatment more comfortable. When the numbing agent has taken effect, the skin specialist will apply the Bellafill. The injections will be placed strategically to ensure natural results. Bellafill injections often take thirty to forty-five minutes.


After your treatment, there is a chance the injection sites may be red, swollen, itchy, or sore. Do not touch or bump the sites. Be careful to avoid direct sunlight and when the injection sites have healed use sunscreen to keep your skin protected from harmful UV rays. You will be able to return to work or your regular schedule right after your appointment! Be gentle when washing your face and avoid sweating for the first twenty-four hours.

If you have been looking for long-lasting fillers for acne scars and wrinkles, you’ve found your best solution in Bellafill!


You will notice your impressive Bellafill results right away! The injections will instantly provide volume to your face. These results will get better with time as the microspheres in the gel formula boost the natural collagen levels in your skin.

If you are looking for the best options on how to heal acne scars, look no further! Bellafill will help fill in acne scars and wrinkles that bother you. Not only will Bellafill improve depressions in your face, but it will also boost the quality of your skin to provide impressive results for years! To ensure you maintain your results, practice good skincare and keep a healthy lifestyle.

Cost of Bellafill Injections

The cost of each Bellafill treatment will differ based on how much filler is used. Our skin specialists at Korman Plastic Surgery will work hard to create a treatment plan for you that improves the natural features of your face while helping transform the features you are concerned about.

For your best acne scar treatment, consider Bellafill! And if you are concerned about aging symptoms or facial depressions, Bellafill will work wonders to make your face look smooth and young again! If you are interested in learning more about Bellafill and how it will transform your face, schedule a consultation with us today in San Jose, CA at (408) 831-6229, Mountain View, CA (650) 254-1200, or Carmel, CA at (831) 656-9331.

Bellafill FAQs

How long will Bellafill last?

Bellafill is one of the longest-lasting fillers available and is known to last up to five years. Bellafill provides benefits for people who struggle with acne scarring and severe wrinkles and lines.

Can Bellafill be removed?

Bellafill cannot be removed once injected but will be metabolized by the body after a few years. Some methods may be used to break down Bellafill but you will need to meet with one of our skin care specialists to learn how this can be done.

What is the difference between Bellafill and Juvederm?

One of the main differences between Bellafill and Juvederm is that Bellafill lasts much longer. Juvederm is a temporary filler with a hyaluronic acid-base. Bellafill is made with collagen and PMMA microspheres. Bellafill has a thicker consistency than Juvederm and helps to reduce wrinkles and facial folds. If you are looking for long-lasting results, Bellafill is your best dermal filler option!

How much do Bellafill injections cost?

The cost of each Bellafill treatment will vary based on the amount of Bellafill used. If you are interested in learning more about the effects of Bellafill and how much your personal treatment will cost, call our office today!

How to reduce acne scars?

One of the best ways to reduce acne scars is with Bellafill. Bellafill is a simple way to fill in pitted acne scars and help return smooth skin to your face.