Bellafill® is outstanding dermal filler that helps increase the skin’s collagen to erase smile lines, and can also aid in the reduction or removal of acne scars and wrinkles. Dr. Korman inserts this gel dermal filler directly below the wrinkle, creating a stable structure and smoothing the area. Mountain View patients really love this injectable because the results are long-lasting, as the injected collagen is absorbed, breaks down, and then naturally replenishes itself continuously.

This dermal filler lasts longer than others on the market and produces consistently amazing results. Bellafill® gives patients the chance to take a break from an injection since this is considered long-lasting filler. Smooth skin with increased elasticity is seen in the first week or two following the injection at Dr. Korman’s Mountain View office.

If you are tired of dealing with the maintenance that other injectables require and desire full, tight skin year-round, consider Bellafill® injections by Dr. Korman. Contact his Mountain View office to schedule an appointment today.