For over 20 years, Dr. Korman has helped needy children, teens, and adults locally and around the world. Dr. Korman has volunteered with medical teams all over the world to repair cleft lips and palates to children born with these deformities. He has also operated on many needy children in poor countries who suffer from disfiguring burns. Inadequate and dangerous home heating in many developing countries has resulted in horrific and tragic burn contractures.

Dr. Korman also started the Clean Slate Program in San Jose, California.The program in which physicians remove tattoos from former gang members is now in its 13th year. For his work helping so many young people turn their lives around, Dr. Korman received special commendations from San Jose Mayor Susan Hammer, and President Bill Clinton.

Dr. Korman also volunteers at the Community Breast Health Project in Palo Alto, educating women with breast cancer about their options for breast reconstruction.
If you would like to know more about these wonderful organizations and how to help, please contact Dr. Korman.