For over 20 years Dr. Joshua Korman, MD has built a reputation in the medical field for helping patients capture the best versions of themselves. For this reason, he consistently receives high marks in satisfaction from patients and colleagues alike. He has earned his way as an authoritative, highly respected plastic surgeon in Silicon Valley. In addition to running his own practice, Dr. Korman does double duties at Stanford University. He teaches young minds from all over the world about plastic surgery. In addition to that, he serves as one of the leading Clinical Professors at their School of Medicine. During his time there, he has revamped their offerings in science by getting the attention of nationally accredited organizations to sponsor programs and courses at the school.

Dr. Korman has a curious mind and loves spreading the power of knowledge. As an accomplished writer, he has written and co-written numerous scientific and general interest articles in publications that range from the peer-reviewed Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery journal to an article in the New York Times

Personal History

Dr. Korman was once asked what he was best known for. His wife stepped in and answered without hesitation that his hands are his best quality. His artistry and gifted eye for detail have led him through an illustrious career in the medical field that has grown to three locations in the Bay Area: Mountain View, San Jose, and Carmel. Dr. Korman is a man of multiple talents. He started his college beginnings as a music major. His appreciation for the arts stuck with him throughout his medical career because he developed an aptitude for sculpting, the piano, and oboe. 

The rewarding gift of transforming people’s lives has taken Dr. Korman all over the globe to help underprivileged communities with reconstructive surgeries. His philanthropic efforts led him to found the Clean Slate Program in San Jose, California. [1] They offer tattoo removal to former gang members and opportunities to grow so they can become self-sufficient.

Educational Background 

Dr. Korman graduated at the top of his class during his undergraduate and postgraduate years at Cornell University. He completed his plastic surgery training at Stanford and earned a fellowship that took him to Canniesburn Hospital in Glasgow, Scotland. He also received a Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship in Miami, Florida. Dr. Korman is proud to provide his patients with life-changing results.

He has truly immersed himself in research, teaching, and innovation for over 26 years. His topic of research has ranged from the study of force on the skin to the effects of scar modulation. His most recent paper was published together with fellow Stanford colleagues in 2012 in the Annals of Surgery. Dr. Korman served as the primary investigator for human trials for the studies that culminated in the publication. 

Research Publications

A Randomized Controlled Trial of the Embrace Advanced Scar Therapy Device to Reduce Incisional Scar Formation (2014)

This study seeks to understand the effects of scar modulation. Scarring has a significant burden on clinical medicine. Up until now, mechanomodulation was believed to be the main culprit of scarring through inflammation. [2] A systematic approach to make the mechanical forces become weaker and reduce scarring was not previously possible.

Dr. Korman and the rest of the authors sought to test their theory with a 12 month open and transparent clinical trial. It evaluated how tummy tuck scar appearance at the end of surgery can benefit from the embrace Advanced Scar Therapy. This exciting new technology dramatically improves scars appearance following abdominoplasty surgery. Results tabulated revealed 28 out of the 65 healthy adult participants showed significant improvement in their scars when using the embrace treatment method. Their hypothesis concluded that mechanical manipulations of a wound with a stress shielding polymer device such as the embrace helps expedite the healing process. [3]

Improving Cutaneous Scar Formation by Controlling the Mechanical Environment Large Animal and Phase I Studies (2011)

Phase I of this study tested how the mechanical environment of cutaneous wounds has a strong correlation with scar formation. It should be noted that these forces are recognized to facilitate many biological processes but their contributions to scar formation remain unclear. [4] The therapeutic benefits of cutaneous wounds with a device have not been tested thoroughly. In phase I of the study, nine human participants who underwent elective abdominal surgery were treated with a stress-shielding polymer, or metal implant, after their surgery. Professional photographs were taken between 8-12 months after. The results indicated significant improvement in the 

abdominal incisions when using the stress shielding method. Researchers concluded that mechanical manipulations of the wound site with a dynamic stress-shielding polymer device significantly reduces scar formation.

Inventions and Innovations

MARZ Medical Inc.

Approval for this patent commenced in July 2014 and received $510,000 of funding. The invention provides an easier way to develop specialized tissue expansion processes for patient skin and tissue. The device comes in handy in cases of breast reconstructive surgeries (mastectomies) when expanding tissue covers in the surrounding tissues and other defects. [5] In these cases, the inflated bladder expands the human skin or tissue. The invention facilitates efficient systems for these expanding tissues. The new device comprises an expandable bladder placed beneath the skin or tissue. A pump is connected to an inflation resource filled with saline and other non-compressible substances. 

MD Confidential Skin Care Products

MD Confidential Skin Care was birthed by Dr. Korman and board-certified dermatologist Dr. Daria Maldonando to address patients’ concerns with skin discolorations and blotchiness. Their combined training and expertise in the field led them to create a unique opportunity by combining herbal and clinically proven skin care ingredients. Patients turned to their expertise to strengthen their skin and even out their tone. The skin care line restored luminosity without bothersome irritation or redness. Even Hollywood A-listers began to take notice as celebrities such as Kate Winslet, Eva Mendes, Penelope Cruz, Kate Beckinsale, and Gwen Stefani have all flocked to the shelves to try the revolutionary new skin care line.

Reconstructive Technologies

This venture company was founded by Dr. Korman himself. They designed and manufactured medical devices themselves to treat lost or damaged skin. The company’s products included an automated cyclic expansion system and a tissue expansion device. Both revolutionary devices sought to help clients with scar revision, wound closure, breast reconstruction, and hair replacement.

Awards and Recognitions

Dr. Korman built up his reputation for over two decades as a go-to plastic surgeon in the San Francisco Bay area. Below is a sample collection of awards and accolades he amassed over the years:

Castle Connolly Top Doctor

This highly coveted award identifies highly regarded top doctors across the country. Led by a team of physician-researchers, the panel screens out nominated physicians by the tens of thousands. Nominees are chosen by their peers via online submission before being chosen as a regionally or nationally ranked medical professional in their respective specialty.

Compassionate Doctor Recognition

Awarded by, this award recognizes physicians who treat their patients with the utmost kindness and care. The honor is given out based on a physician’s overall treatment score.

On-Time Doctor Award

Also awarded by, this award acknowledges doctors with consistently high marks for their on-time record. The criteria are based on promptness score for the timeliness of their appointments.

Patients’ Choice Award

Voted by the patients, Dr. Korman was awarded the Patients’ Choice recognition from It awards those who had near-perfect scores and the profound impact a doctor has made on their patients. 


The Business of Plastic Surgery: Navigating a Successful Career (1st Edition)

Published July 2010, this hardback book offers a unique way of training plastic surgeons entering the business. Dr. Korman co-authored the book with colleagues Michael Longaker, Robert M Pearl, and Mark Gorney. Readers get an insider’s guide to the industry and provide guidance on how to navigate the world of plastic surgery. Readers will find a vast array of perspectives on how to market themselves and their practice, increase productivity, asset protection, and build a surgical site. The Business of Plastic Surgery gathers notable authors in the disciplines of medicine, law, finance, and technology who provide valuable wisdom and expertise.


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