Buttock Augmentation — Brazilian Butt Lift Preparation San Jose

Buttock Augmentation San Jose

Get a behind that you can really get behind with a Brazilian butt lift or buttock augmentation with implants! These buttocks enhancement procedures will give your booty the boost it needs.
To prepare for a Brazilian butt lift, fat cells are harvested from fatty deposits in your body. Areas that they can be harvested from include the abdomen, hips, lower back, arms, thighs, and knees. For the procedure, cells may be taken from two or more of these areas, so that there will be enough to create the new buttocks volume. How well the fat “takes” depends on many factors, and how long it lasts can also be variable. Still, it can be highly effective for the right patients.

Buttock implants are another, more-permanent option for buttock augmentation. The implants are placed through one incision hidden between the buttock cheeks. It is a highly effective procedure. However, patients need to be prepared for an approximately 30-day period of recovery.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Joshua Korman has years of experience with both types of buttock enhancement and the skills needed for an excellent result. Contact our office today to set up a consultation with Dr. Korman.

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