Busy Mom, But CoolSculpting Got My Body Back!!

CoolSculpting Before and After
If you are a Mom, you would understand that trying to make time to get your body back after having a baby is the ultimate challenge. No full-time working mother or even stay at home mother has the time to focus on herself. I wasn’t obese, but I had some major problem areas that were embarrassing for me to reveal, not only in public at the beach, but I was even embarrassed in front of my own husband. I needed to improve, I thought. I needed to keep my marriage going strong. A marriage can get shaky when one person’s body becomes drastically different than it was on the first date. As much as I love being a wife and mother, I needed to feel confident again.

Let’s face it, there’s just no time for ourselves, between preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner we are trying to keep an eye on our little ones so they don’t spill or draw on anything, or God forbid hurt themselves. I tried doing the protein shake diet, but I got sick of basically having a dessert flavored substance blended up into a thick paste. I could just gag at the thought of it. That actually seemed to work for two and a half weeks. I did lose 8 lbs, but do you know what happened as soon as I stopped? I gained all of my weight back, and then some!

I was so furious and disappointed in myself, I felt hopeless. I then tried cleansing supplements to attempt cleansing my body. That just made me have to use the bathroom three times more often than usual and who has time for that anyway. I have a cabinet in my bathroom full of weight loss supplements and cleansing packages, but I could never complete any of them; they didn’t seem to work for me at all, so I would just give up.

I attempted eating clean with nothing but proteins and fresh vegetables, but when your child is a picky eater, you tend to cook what you know they will eat, macaroni and cheese, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, potatoes, French fries and if I have to see another nugget… so help me!

I refused to give up on myself. It was not fair! How do these celebrity moms look so great after having a baby?! I hated the thought of looking back in 10 years and having wished I had done something for myself. I deserve to look good, to feel good. I work way too hard taking care of everyone else that I decided to continue searching for what works for me. One of the moms in my mommy group was posting all these pictures of herself looking absolutely stunning. I texted her asking her to please tell me her secret! I mentioned to her all of my failed weights loss attempts and she texted quickly to call her. I didn’t hesitate.

My friend told me that she had CoolSculpting done. I was like, “what the heck is that?!” She told me she carefully researched different possible treatments and went through the same frustrations I went through trying to get her body back after having a baby. She heard about this new non-surgical procedure that seems to be a hit and she gave it a shot to see what all the raves are about. I told her I didn’t want to do anything as extreme as surgery and she assured me it was not a surgery and there was no down time and it was FDA approved. She said it was so easy that she literally laid there reading her Fifty Shades of Grey on her Kindle, while a cool surface was placed on her love handles and outer thighs.

My friend definitely peaked my curiosity, so I had to go research all about it. CoolSculpting is basically different size applicators placed on different parts of the body, depending on your trouble zone that uses controlled cooling to actually freeze and kill only the fat cells. The freezing causes the fat cells to finally vanish after 8 weeks. It targets only the fat cells, so it doesn’t harm anything else in the body and has lasting results. I found out that the reason CoolSculpting has lasting results is because freezing the cells reduces the number of fat cells in the treated area, while when we normally just lose weight the fat cells get smaller but are still there and can just get bigger again. With CoolSculpt 25-50% of the cells are gone!

CoolSculpting seemed too good to be true. I was a little skeptical until I learned that two doctors from Harvard University created it and it is indeed FDA approved. This idea comes from the study that children who ate popsicles regularly had grown into adults with dimples in their cheeks, because the ice was freezing the fat in their cheeks! Isn’t that crazy!? Who knew!? I didn’t want to be a guinea pig, but then I found out approximately 425,000 procedures were done just last year.

I was stoked! I found a non-surgical procedure that worked for my friend and doesn’t involve being cut into or being put to sleep! It sounded too good to be true. I called the doctor’s office that my friend went to and made the appointment with Dr. Josh Korman. During the consultation I showed him my problem areas and he explained that the procedure was a noninvasive, non-surgical treatment that freezes and destroys the fat in my problem areas that are difficult to get rid of with exercise. A bonus was there would be absolutely no scaring on my body. The total fee he quoted me was a little less then I had spent on some of my other failed weight loss elixirs. Dr. Korman said if I was ready, we could start the treatment that day. I jumped on that opportunity right away, I was so excited!

He took me to the procedure room and gave me a gown to wear. I was giddy with excitement at this point; I was ready for a change! Dr. Korman let me know that it was going to feel extremely cold when he placed the device on my body and the cold sensation would go away within a few minutes. It felt like someone holding ice on me for a few seconds. I didn’t care, I was ready! He comforted me with his absolutely sweet bedside manner and knowledge about what was going to happen.

I always have and do intend on having a healthy lifestyle, but this was definitely a great way to kick start my new beginning, especially since summer is just around the corner. Every past summer I would say “I shoulda, woulda, coulda gotten in shape for summer,” but this year, I was determined to feel confident on the beach and enjoy outdoor activities with my husband and kids. This year I am definitely going to live and love summer time. I’m going to swim in the pools, lakes, and rivers with my family and lay out in the sun with my new fashionable swim suit and beautiful big brimmed hat and sunglasses. I’m going to be the cool, pretty mom.

I am so happy and could not have picked a better doctor to help me along the journey to my new confident life. Dr. Korman has shown me more encouragement than any doctor I’ve been to in the past and given me the motivation when I felt the impossible. I highly recommend CoolSculpting and especially Dr. Korman to all of my friends, family members, or anyone who may have doubts about getting back to where they used to be. Being happy and feeling great is what it’s all about.

Thank you Dr. Korman,
Valerie W.

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