Mastopexy — Perfect Breasts San Jose Vertical Incision


As popular and safe as breast augmentations have become over the years, there are still many women out there hesitant to insert any kind of prosthesis into their body. Nevertheless, these women still must combat the ever-present toll of time, pregnancy and breastfeeding on the body. If this sounds at all like you, fear not. Board-certified surgeon Dr. Joshua Korman offers a must-have mastopexy that just might be the perfect procedure for you.

A breast lift, or mastopexy, differs from a breast augmentation in that it doesn’t require any implants. During the procedure extra skin is removed from the breast using a vertical incision in order to enhance lift, perkiness and overall appeal of the breast.

Dr. Korman works in and around the San Jose area and has taught at Stanford University for over 20 years. His office is located in Mountain View, CA. For a sit-down mastopexy consultation please contact us.

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