Modern Day Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal methods have been around for years, but significant advances have been made in recent years, specifically with the introduction of the PicoWay laser. Gone are the days of rubbing and burning—nanosecond laser technology has taken center stage as the preferred removal method and is offered at Korman Plastic Surgery.

Energy-Based Tattoo Removal

In technical terms, a tattoo is a collection of colored pigment that is injected into the middle layers of the skin. While people get tattoos for many different reasons, they often come to regret their decision. Some possible reasons could be the fact that the tattoo was poorly done, or that a new career choice frowns upon visible tattoos—whatever the reason, that’s when the search for removal methods begins.

Unfortunately, not all tattoo removal methods are effective. Red, blue and green pigments can be extremely resistant to treatment—this is where PicoWay™ comes in.

Removing Tattoos with PicoWay

RealSelf recently highlighted the PicoWay laser in a video series featuring dermatologists from the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS). In an interview with Dr. Terrence Keaney, PicoWay is described as a picosecond laser that treats the removal of tattoos. The laser energy of PicoWay breaks up the tattoo ink under the skin, allowing the body to eliminate it through natural processes.

The big difference between PicoWay versus other lasers is the picosecond energy delivery. Until the introduction of this FDA-approved tattoo removal system, laser energy was delivered in nanoseconds. While the difference of one billionth of a second versus one-trillionth of a second may seem hard to imagine, the pulse is actually a thousand times faster. As a result, PicoWay can deliver greater power with far less discomfort, because the heat generated by the laser doesn’t affect the surrounding skin.

Removing Colored Tattoos

The PicoWay’s 532 wavelength is specifically used to effectively remove colored tattoo ink, including red, yellow and skin-colored inks. More effective than traditional tattoo removal methods, this system is changing the standards of tattoo removal.

In addition to removing colored ink, PicoWay requires fewer treatments than lasers that deliver energy in nanoseconds. With less treatment comes less disruption to the skin.

San Jose Tattoo Removal

Dr. Korman’s office is highly trained using the PicoWay laser, allowing our specialists to offer a fast and effective tattoo removal option to those in the San Jose area.

Book your PicoWay consultation today by calling our office at 408.831.6229 or by visiting our contact page.

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