PicoWay Is The Evolution Of Tattoo Removal

Just as the art of tattooing has changed throughout the years, so has the art of tattoo removal. What was once a process of burning, grinding and surgical excision — ouch! — is now a state-of-the-art energy-based treatment called PicoWay.

PicoWay: Changing the History of Tattoo Removal

Historically, tattoos were removed by rubbing salt in the area to “burn” out the tattoo. Later, this was replaced with dermabrasion, which was thought to grind out the tattoo pigment. Some tattoos were also surgically removed by excising them completely. Today, lasers are used to effectively remove the unwanted pigment by breaking the ink cells up into tiny particles that can be removed by the body.

We know what you’re thinking. “Great, I have options for tattoo removal…but do they work on all colors of ink?” We have good news to share with you!

PicoWay Treats the Broadest Range of Tattoo Colors & Skin Types

The PicoWay system not only delivers energy faster than any other laser tattoo removal system, but it is effective in removing resistant pigments such as reds, greens and blues. And, because pulses are faster, you’ll feel less discomfort throughout the procedure.

Tattoo Removal in San Jose, California

Dr. Korman’s office is highly trained in the art of tattoo removal. By using state-of-the-art technology, our friendly staff will ensure that this life-changing process is not only fast and effective, but also as comfortable as possible.

Find out more about removing your tattoo, or reducing unwanted pigment, with the industry’s gold standard in pigment removal systems. Book your complimentary PicoWay consultation today! Call our San Jose office at 408.831.6229 or visit our contact page.

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