Chin Implants Dr. Joshua Korman

A chin implant is a biocompatible medical device that enhances the contours of the chin to achieve better facial harmony. If a patient’s chin is “weak,” pushed back too far toward the neck, it is less desirable. The use of chin implants can achieve “stronger” chin and jawlines, improving a patient’s overall facial profile. For those looking to improve their overall facial structure by balancing the lower third of the face, chin implants are a popular and safe surgical option.

Dr. Joshua Korman is a board-certified plastic surgeon serving multiple communities in California. At Korman Plastic Surgery, he performs cosmetic surgery with personability and care.

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All About Chin Implants

A prominent chin is highly sought-after, especially for male patients. In an aesthetically pleasing facial structure, a vertical line can be drawn from a full top lip down to the most prominent portion of the chin in profile. (1) To improve this portion of the face, Dr. Korman safely places an implant to increase projection, alter the shape, and augment the overall size of the chin.

Alloplastic Chin Implants

Surgeons use a biocompatible chin implant to provide a permanent solution to a recessed chin. Dr. Korman assists you in choosing the right type, size, and shape of implant that best fits your cosmetic desires. With precise placement, a chin implant also lengthens the jawline. Common types of alloplastic chin implants are: (2)

  • Silastic (silicone) – Nonporous and nonallergenic, silicone implants often come with sizers to aid in finding the appropriate shape for each patient.
  • Porous Polyethylene – High-density, nonabsorbable implant that allows for fibrovascular ingrowth, meaning the tissue surrounding the implant grows into it. This helps with stabilization and reduces the risk of infection or complications.
  • Meshed Material – Usually polyamide, meshed implants are flexible and manipulatable, making them easily shaped before implantation.

Silicone is by far the most popular option for chin implantation. It offers long-lasting and predictable results, making it preferable for both patients and surgeons.

Chin Augmentation using Implants

Chin augmentation with the use of implants is often a simple procedure performed through small and concealable incisions under the chin or within the mouth. Both techniques have advantages and disadvantages, but this surgery is commonly performed using an external incision. There is a long history of patient satisfaction with implant augmentation. (3)

Dr. Korman uses an implant sizer to determine which size will provide the best projection. The sterile implant is then inserted through the smallest possible incision length to avoid extensive scarring. The chin implant is placed right along the jawline to enhance chin contour in a striking but natural way.

Benefits of Chin Implants

Patients can benefit from this surgery in the following ways:

  • Correct a weak or recessed chin
  • Improve jawline contour
  • Reduce double chin often caused by a small chin
  • Balance facial features and symmetry
  • Quick recovery
  • Long-lasting results
  • Customizable treatment plan

Chin augmentation with implants can provide excellent balance with little hassle. Receiving an implant from Dr. Korman is a simple and safe way to improve your overall facial structure and increase your self-confidence.

Ideal Candidates for Chin Implant Surgery

Good candidates for this procedure have a small, pushed-back chin. Many are self-conscious about the angle of the chin and its placement compared to the rest of the face. They are in good overall health and a non-smoker, or willing to quit, before their chin implant surgery. We require that each patient has reasonable expectations about what the surgery can accomplish. If you have any jaw disorders or a jawbone deformity, you may be unfit for implant surgery. Your candidacy is evaluated during your initial appointment.

Personal Consultation with Dr. Korman

At Korman Plastic Surgery, Dr. Korman will meet with you privately to discuss your chin implant options and procedure details. He will ask you about your complete health history including previous surgeries, facial treatments, and whether you have ever received dermal filler or injectables in the treatment area. Dr. Korman will examine your jawline and chin, take necessary measurements, and determine your candidacy. He will then explain the entire procedure process and what implant will achieve the optimal results. Please arrive at this appointment with a detailed understanding of your cosmetic goals and expectations. When your consultation is through, a member of our staff will assist you in scheduling your procedure and follow-up appointments to keep you on track.


To properly prepare for your chin implant surgery, refrain from:

  • Alcohol consumption
  • Tobacco and nicotine use
  • Anti-inflammatories like aspirin
  • Certain herbal supplements
  • Certain prescription medications

Prepare your body by eating a well-balanced meal with protein and plenty of greens leading up to your surgery date. Stay hydrated and get a good night’s sleep the night before. Depending on the type of anesthetic being used during your procedure, you may need to fast 12 hours before your appointment.

Appoint a trusted adult to drive you to and from your procedure, especially if general anesthesia is administered. The procedure is short and uncomplicated and we release you soon after you wake up in the recovery room.

Chin Implant Procedure

Chin Implants Dr. Joshua Korman

Dr. Korman places procedural markings along your chin before the anesthetic is administered. This is either general anesthesia or local anesthetic with the addition of sedation to keep you completely comfortable throughout the surgery. Once you are relaxed, he places his incision and maneuvers through the anatomy toward the jaw bone.

The implant is placed above the bone and below the soft tissue of the chin. Running along the jawline, careful placement is the key to a natural outcome. Chin implant surgery usually takes around 1 to 2 hours to complete.

Chin implant procedures are quite often performed in conjunction with rhinoplasties. Dr. Korman performs a rhinoplasty (“nose job”) before inserting the chin implant. This combination often improves overall facial symmetry and contour for the patient, optimizing their results. During a rhinoplasty procedure, Dr. Korman can alter the bridge and tip of the nose to create an aesthetically pleasing contour to meet your cosmetic desires. This often includes reduction of the dorsal hump to straighten the nasal bridge, and alteration of the septum to correct deviation and improve breathing.

If you are curious about rhinoplasty or other cosmetic surgery often performed at Korman Plastic Surgery, follow our blog.

Recovery & Results

Chin implant procedures are considered outpatient. We release you from our care as soon as you are cleared by our staff. Recovery time is usually short and most patients need about 1 week off of work before they are comfortable enough to return. Dr. Korman prescribes medication to keep your pain levels down. Please take these exactly as instructed.

Directly after surgery, the treatment area swells and bruises for a few days, but this usually subsides quickly. There may be some tightness around the chin and chewing can be uncomfortable. Results are visible around week 3 or 4 and become more defined as your swelling disappears. Around 6 weeks after your procedure, you will see your final results. They are natural-looking and long-lasting.

Corresponding & Complementary Procedures


Dr. Korman performs many facelifts for his patients to restore their youthful facial contour. This procedure is often combined with chin implant surgery to achieve greater structural improvement. During a facelift, Dr. Korman makes incisions behind or in front of each ear. He carefully separates the skin from the underlying muscles and repositions it tighter to accentuate your facial features and reduce wrinkles.

If you receive a deep plane facelift, the SMAS layer of the face is sutured higher to provide greater and longer-lasting lift. Both procedures are finished by safely suturing the skin to prevent tension and promote healing. Chin implants can be placed during this procedure to improve your results and add symmetry to the face.

Supplemental Liposuction

If a small, pushed-back chin is accentuating a patient’s “double chin,” liposuction can be performed to safely remove excess fat. Dr. Korman uses a cannula and surgical vacuum to break up the fat cells within the neck and remove it. Liposuction can be performed in many areas of the body to add contour and shape.

Cost of Chin Implants in San Jose

Dr. Korman determines your overall procedure costs during your initial consultation. To schedule yours today, call our office at:

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Will chin implant surgery result in visible scars?

Chin implant incisions can typically be concealed under the chin or inside the lower lip, resulting in inconspicuous scars.

Can chin implants be removed?

Yes, chin implants can be removed if desired. However, it is essential to consult with an experienced plastic surgeon to discuss your reasons for removal and explore other options before making a final decision.

How long do chin implants last?

Chin implants are designed to be permanent and can last a lifetime. However, as with any implantable device, rare cases of implant displacement or other complications may occur. Regular follow-up appointments with your surgeon will help ensure the ongoing health and longevity of your chin implant.

Is chin implant surgery painful?

The procedure is performed under anesthesia, so you should not feel any discomfort during the surgery. After the procedure, you may experience some swelling and mild discomfort, but these symptoms can be effectively managed with prescribed pain medication.


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