Upper Eyelid Droop

Sleepy eyes or a chronically sagging eyelid can give the impression that you are sleepy, aloof or disinterested. Drooping, sagging and bagginess of the eyelids, is a symptom of aging that can have a subtle, but significant impact on your overall appearance. But there is something you can do about […]

Introducing Emsculpt

There has never been an effective body sculpting treatment that both burns fat and builds muscle at the same time….until now. With Emsculpt, you can achieve the equivalent what a 20,000-crunch workout can achieve, but in just thirty minutes! Emsculpt is the latest development from BTL, an industry leader in […]

PicoWay Is The Evolution Of Tattoo Removal

Just as the art of tattooing has changed throughout the years, so has the art of tattoo removal. What was once a process of burning, grinding and surgical excision — ouch! — is now a state-of-the-art energy-based treatment called PicoWay. PicoWay: Changing the History of Tattoo Removal Historically, tattoos were […]

Modern Day Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal methods have been around for years, but significant advances have been made in recent years, specifically with the introduction of the PicoWay laser. Gone are the days of rubbing and burning—nanosecond laser technology has taken center stage as the preferred removal method and is offered at Korman Plastic […]

Reducing Brown Spots with PicoWay

Brown spots, age spots, sun spots—whatever you call yours, there is a way to reduce the appearance of these pesky skin pigmentations. PicoWay laser technology targets skin pigmentations and breaks them into smaller particles that are easily absorbed by the body. Think it’s too good to be true? Allow us […]

Tattoos Don’t Have to Last Forever with PicoWay

As we get older—and finally settle down—we look back at the choices we’ve made and view them as learning experiences. Every lesson learned is an opportunity to grow as an individual. However, sometimes these lessons aren’t as fair as we would like. For example, the tattoo you got when you […]

The story of my MACS Facelift

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Joshua Korman for several years and thought my experience might be useful to other people considering plastic surgery or less invasive procedures.. He’s been my go-to doctor for laser hair removal, skin resurfacing, and a breast augmentation. I love my Dr. Korman! His credentials […]

Busy Mom, But CoolSculpting Got My Body Back!!

If you are a Mom, you would understand that trying to make time to get your body back after having a baby is the ultimate challenge. No full-time working mother or even stay at home mother has the time to focus on herself. I wasn’t obese, but I had some […]

Facelift — Surgical Procedure Mountain View Rhytidectomy

Facelift Mountain View

Though we would like to think so, facial aging is not particularly a graceful process; it’s more like falling down a few steps rather than coasting down a ramp. Sagging and wrinkling around the face can add years to our appearance. This can make us look and feel older than […]

Fractional Resurfacing — Laser Skin Rejuvenation San Jose

Fractional Resurfacing San Jose

One of the more advanced skin treatments changing the landscape on the microscopic level is fractional resurfacing. Fractional resurfacing is a type of laser resurfacing technology that rejuvenates the skin using a concept called fractional photothermolysis. The cutting-edge technology combines the resurfacing benefits of intense laser energy with the recovery […]