Tummy Tuck in Berkeley, CA

Korman Plastic Surgery offers Tummy Tucks to residents of Sunnyvale, CA.

Despite your best efforts, conventional exercise and dieting may not always stop the body from depositing fat and loose skin around the abdomen. Maintaining a flat and firm midsection can therefore be quite a challenge because the area is vulnerable to the effects of age, fluctuating body weight and pregnancy.

A Tummy Tuck, also known as abdominoplasty is the surgical procedure used to remove excess fat and skin while tightening the skin on the abdomen. When used alongside other measures such as exercise, the procedure can give you an improved contour while getting rid of unsightly stretch marks from the area where the surgery is performed.

If you are a man or woman with almost ideal body weight, but with excess fat and loose skin around the abdomen that fails to respond to exercise and diet, you are a suitable candidate for a Tummy Tuck. However, you need to be aware that a Tummy Tuck does not aid in weight loss. To find out about your suitability for the procedure, the results you can expect to achieve and any questions you may have about the Tummy Tuck procedure, make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Korman.

Typically, a Tummy Tuck in Sunnyvale, CA is performed under general anesthesia.

Dr. Korman makes incisions around the navel area and across the hips, separates the skin from the underlying tissues then uses sutures to tighten the abdominal muscles. After he removes excess fat deposits and trims the excess skin, the incision is closed. Following the surgery, you can resume normal activities after about a month, though it is advisable to avoid vigorous activities and heavy lifting.

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