Sculptra Buttock Lift

sculptra butt augmentation procedureThe Sculptra butt augmentation is a non-surgical butt lift that is a great alternative for those of us who are not interested in cosmetic surgery or can’t spare the extra time for a lengthy recovery. Sculptra is an FDA-approved filler designed to provide lift and natural fullness to the butt. In recent years, butt augmentation has grown in popularity. Sculptra is an excellent alternative to the Brazilian Butt Lift and other invasive techniques meant to make the butt perkier and rounded.

Sculptra is made of Poly-L-Lactic acid, which is a biocompatible synthetic formula that provides long-lasting results by increasing collagen production.

Collagen is a natural substance made within the skin, acting as a scaffold for the skin, holding it up and helping it retain shape. Over time, your skin’s natural collagen levels dwindle leading to the skin drooping and sagging. Increased amounts of collagen will help the skin appear healthy and function better. When Sculptra is injected into the bum, it adds fullness but also boosts the quality of the skin. Sculptra stands out as a filler because it helps the skin function better. Increased collagen will help you achieve natural results that allow you to retain natural-looking fullness in your buttocks for about two years.

The primary advantage of Sculptra is its simplicity. Sculptra only requires injections! A topical anesthesia will be used alongside the treatment to ensure you remain comfortable. But no heavy sedation, incisions, downtime or scarring will occur with Sculptra. This minimally-invasive technique is helping men and women everywhere avoid invasive surgeries that are costly and require you to take a large chunk of time out of your schedule. Sculptra is the most convenient way to achieve the bum you want.

Sculptra injections are perfect for men and women who want to improve the appearance of their butt. Working out and focusing on butt lifting workouts may not be enough to get the results you want. Sculptra allows for precise improvement. This treatment is ideal for healthy individuals who are not seeing the results they want from working out.

Sculptra will provide you with impressive results! The filler will be injected along depressions in the buttocks and along the top of the butt to help fill sunken areas and help your behind appear rounded and lifted. Many women experience indents on the side of their butts. Sculptra will be injected along depressed areas to provide a rounder appearance.

One of the main things we love about Sculptra is that it provides long-lasting results. You can enjoy a smoother, lifted butt for about two years.

Many injectables only last up to a year or even just a few months whereas Sculptra provides long-lasting improvements. You won’t have to attend maintenance appointments a few times each year. After your desired appearance is achieved you can sit back and enjoy your outcome for a couple of years.

Is Sculptra safe for buttocks?

Yes, Sculptra is a safe butt augmentation method. The FDA-approved Sculptra in 2004 to be used in facial restoration of people with severe illnesses. The filler was proven to be able to provide long-lasting fullness and help these individuals regain healthy facial features. In 2009, the FDA approved Sculptra Aesthetic as a way to treat moderate to severe facial lines, wrinkles and folds. The treatment helps patients look younger and healthier.

How long do Sculptra injections last?

Sculptra injections last about two years but some reports have shown Sculptra to last up to five years. The longevity of your results will relate to where they are injected. Butt injections often last up to two years. Dr. Korman will inform you how to keep your results looking good for as long as possible.

A big step in keeping results looking their best is a good skincare routine. Make sure to keep your skin hydrated and use sunscreen to protect yourself from harmful UV rays.

Sun damage is the main culprit of early aging signs. So when you go to the beach, make sure to apply sunscreen to your buttocks and keep your results protected and looking their best.

What is Sculptra injections for buttocks?

Sculptra injections for the bum are a minimally-invasive technique that helps round out and lift the buttocks. These injections only take about a half hour to apply and will provide immediate and long-lasting improvements. Sculptra injections are often sought out by people who are not interested in cosmetic surgery but still want to enhance the appearance of their bum. Sculptra injections will boost your confidence as well as help you look better in jeans, swimsuits and everything in between!

How much is Sculptra per vial?

The cost of a Sculptra vial in 2016 was about $800. We encourage patients to give our office a call and learn more about the costs involved with a Sculptra treatment. If you are ready to take the next step, schedule a consultation with Dr. Korman. A private meeting with him is a great opportunity to learn more about Sculptra and whether it is a healthy option for you.

How much is Sculptra for buttocks?

Sculptra for buttocks is a personalized procedure that will require a certain amount of Sculptra to ensure your best results. Dr. Korman and you will go over a cost breakdown during your personal consultation. This meeting will provide you with information about the treatment and results.

Is Sculptra a good filler?

Yes, Sculptra is a great filler that can be used all over the body for long-lasting results.

Sculptra is often used to reduce moderate to severe lines in the face but can also be used to fill out the butt and make it appear more full. Sculptra does this by boosting collagen levels. Collagen levels are restored and allow the skin to naturally improve itself. Your skin’s inner structure is improved for long-lasting results. Sculptra is a great filler for improving the shape and volume of the buttocks.

How do I improve my butt?

A good place to start with improving your butt is with workouts. Exercises that focus on the butt, like squats, can help improve the tone and definition of the buttocks. However, many people find that even with workouts they cannot achieve the results they want. Sculptra will add volume and help the butt appear perky. This is accomplished by injecting the Sculptra formula along the sides and top of the butt.

Increased volume will provide the illusion of a lifted butt and also help the bum look rounded out. Sculptra results will last you years!

How quickly does Sculptra work?

Sculptra provides immediate and long-lasting results. The immediate treatment will provide an improvement in your buttocks. These results will get better over the following weeks as the body absorbs the poly-L-lactic acid. As the body absorbs the filler it will boost collagen levels. Your best results will be seen after a few weeks but many patients return to get a couple more Sculptra treatments to ensure their best outcome. On average, patients schedule three appointments over three to four months to make sure their ideal outcome is accomplished.

Is Sculptra permanent?

Sculptra is a long-lasting treatment that will let you enjoy a lifted, sexy bum for up to two years.

Sculptra can be re-applied to ensure your results are long-lasting. This treatment is a great alternative to surgical intervention that can cause scarring and leave you with a long recovery period. To learn more about a Sculptra butt augmentation, give our office a call.

What is Sculptra good for?

Sculptra is a great treatment for deep lines and folds along the face. Sculptra has been gaining popularity as a simple, non-surgical way to enhance the buttocks. This filler will rejuvenate the bum and help you look and feel your best.

What is Poly-L-Lactic acid?

Poly-L-lactic acid is an injectable implant that is made up of poly-L-lactic acid microparticles. This acid is a synthetic polymer of the alpha-hydroxy-acid family. Before treatment, sterile water is added to the mixture so as to create a sterile and consistent formula.

This formula is an excellent way to enhance the contours of your buttocks and feel great!

How does Sculptra Aesthetic work?

Sculptra Aesthetic is designed to help the face appear younger and lifted. The injections fill in aging signs such as wrinkles and lines. It can also add volume and lift to the buttocks. Once Sculptra is injected into the treatment area, you will notice a difference. Changes in fullness and shape will occur over the next few weeks. The poly-L-lactic acid will be absorbed by the body and boost collagen levels to truly improve the appearance of the butt. The outcome achieved with Sculptra will last for about two years.

Which butt fillers should I get?

The best butt filler is Sculptra. Sculptra is a long-lasting treatment that helps men and women achieve an attractive butt. The best way to discern if Sculptra is the right form of buttocks augmentation for you is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Korman. A consultation will help you learn more about Sculptra and allow Dr. Korman to determine if this filler is a healthy solution for your concerns.

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