Liposuction in Berkeley, CA

Liposuction is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries in America with more than 500,000 procedures carried out each year. Korman Plastic Surgery offers Liposuction to residents of Sunnyvale, CA. It is also called lipoplasty or suction assisted lipectomy (SAL). Liposuction aims to improve the contour of the body by removing excess fats from the specific areas of the body, neck or face. It offers the opportunity to transform an undesirable body shape to a curvier and slimmer one.

Liposuction, a specialty of Korman Plastic Surgery in Sunnyvale, CA, is the solution to stubborn fats without the strenuous physical efforts that exercise require. This surgery can remove excess pockets of fats that cannot be toned or eliminated by regular exercise and proper diet. Liposuction cannot only help flatten the abdomen, slim hips and thighs, but also shape the calves and ankles and eliminate double chin.

Since this type of procedure is target specific, it will help create a more proportioned body. It will remove excess fats from different parts of the body that appears larger than normal. Liposuction is recommended for both and women with normal weight and want to enhance the contour of their bodies. It also helps reduce male breasts that have abnormal size and remove fat tumors (lipomas). One surgical Liposuction procedure can deal with multiple areas that need fat elimination.

Undergoing Liposuction has many benefits, but it is important to note that it is not a weight-loss technique but rather a reshaping technique. Patients who have Liposuction are expected to take good care of themselves and further improve their health.

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